All work and no play...  

flithymind 38M
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5/6/2005 5:07 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

All work and no play...

Makes flithymind a dull boy.

*sigh* what a week I've had, "busy" doesn't even cover it.

Thing is, I'm not sure what it is, but the busier I get, the hornier I get.

Maybe it's wanting what I can't (make time to) have?

Perhaps it's just the eternal brinksman in me, loving the distraction of my filthy mind and pushing my work closer and closer to the deadline, just for the buzz of doing it at the last minute?

Then again - maybe I'm just permanently have the horn? *grin*

Still - I've got plenty of tales to tell from the last week, which I'll narrow to my two favourites; one of which is true, one of which I made up during the week, wishing it were true - you decide which is which...

Y'see, at the end of last week I had a meeting over at a sub-contractor's office. Very modern company, very trendy, lots of 'media types' around, not least of all the receptionist who was your classic bottled blonde, quite busty, giggling garalous girl - the type that could take a corpse into submission.

So upon my arrival, whilst I'm waiting for my colleague to arrive and our contact to come to reception, she's chatting away to me, being quite flirtatious, smiling a lot etc.

My colleague arrives, we get our temporary security passes so we don't get chucked out on arrival and head off to our meeting on the 3rd floor.

Just over an hour later and we're on our way out again and I hand in my temp pass to 'Charlie' (Charlene) on the front desk with a cheesy wink. Only thing is, my colleague has lost her pass (she's VERY forgetful) so I offer to jump the stairs and grab it for her so we can get going. Charlie insists she'll get it and before I know what's happening we're in the lift together, heading for the 3rd floor, grinning at each other about my mildly senile colleague.

As the lift wends it's way upwards I crack some gag about "worse people to be stuck in a lift with", which raises more of that stacatto giggling. As the door bing-bong and we arrive on the 3rd floor, she pouts: "Oh, I was almost hoping it'd get stuck then." before flouncing out all faux huffy about it.

Obvious question - "Why, what'd have happened?" I ask... which, to my delight she says, "Let's find out", leading me by the hand into a wonderfully clich├ęd store cupboard.

Before I know it, she's on her knees, fumbling with my fly and in the blink of an eye, I'm doing my tent pole impression and she's sliding her tongue around my swollen bell-end.

Leaning back against the shelves, I can hardly believe my luck, as I admire the view - her slobbering down my cock like there's no tomorrow, making wonderful slurping noises - in between which I get a great view down her blouse at a pair of lovely ripe tits.

When she reached under to drag her nails lightly over my laden balls, it tipped me over the edge and moaning low and rumbling in my chest, I emptied a load of hot cum down her throat - which I was delighted to see she gulped down greedily.

Standing up and smoothing her hair, I reach for her, far from done with her, but she replies "Ah-ah-ah... your colleague's waiting!" and vanishes out the door, leaving me to fumble my still springy cock back into my trousers.

As I open the door, she's already on her way back past, with the missing pass in hand and patting the bulge in my trousers she calls the lift.

Inside again, I have to close my eyes and think of "dead-dogs, dead-dogs, dead-dogs" as I desperately try to lose my bulging boner, stuffing my hands into my pockets to try and disguise the bulge as the lift doors open again and my colleague is smiling at the lost pass in Charlie's hand.


Now, the other 'event' happened on the Tube (the Metro or Underground to those not familiar with London).

The usual, packed commuter rush-hour crush and I'm packed in amongst the sardines, mercifully near the door in the end of the carriage, which has the window open allowing a cool breeze to whip through the car as it picks up speed.

The cooling wind soon has an added bonus, as the blonde hair of the woman with her back to me, just in front is whipped up, lightly brushing my face. It smells of coconut shampoo and is irritating and sexy all at once.

I've got a bit of 'thing' for long hair, so I'm quite enjoying myself, to the utter ignorance of the lady herself. She's maybe late 30s, but a natural blonde, about 5'6, shapely, but not fat by any means: "lots to hold on to" is the phrase I think?

Focussing more on her, I notice she's reading a book, which I start to study over her shoulder.

I'm pleasantly surprised to see she's at a 'crucial' part in a sexy novel - Mills & Boon with bells on perhaps? And as more people push onto the train at the next station I'm pushed right up against her... "accidentally" getting my hand pinned down, right by her very grabbable arse. She turns slightly as I nudge against her, I smile "sorry" rolling my eyes at the packed train, she smiles back and turns back to her book.

It may have been my imagination, but I'm sure she squirmed her arse against my hand.

As I peer over her shoulder again, she turns the page - the passage continuing as the heroine in the story is grabbed by some dusky, sexy man - "who grabs her arse in powerful hands, squeezing it as he pulled her to him"... and her arse wiggled against me again.

Now, the train's packed mind and I'm pretty sure she's enjoying it as much as me, so I rotate my hand, pressing the palm gently against her right buttock... and a sly grin snakes to the corner of her mouth... she wiggles again.

As more people push on, we surge forward and "accidentally" I grip her arse slightly, squeezing it. More grins - another wiggle.

By three stations time, I'm full on groping her arse, aching to slap it but denied by the confined space. She turns to me, smiles widely and says:

"Excuse me." and heads for the door... and MY stop!

I follow her off the train and she glances over her shoulder, smiling at me... and I watch mesmerised as that ass sashays up the escalator, me following like a lost puppy.

Outside the station, she turns right down a narrow lane - which turns out to be a deadend, for the huge bins of the local market next to the station. She moves beside one of the large bins, blocked from view from the main street and says:

"You want to try that properly?" before turning and profferring me that sweet ass again.

I almost fall over in my rush to get my hands on it again, and she moans slighly as I maul her arse more and more fervently.

By this time I've got a cock that could cut diamonds in my trousers, so I hitch up her tight, pin-stripe skirt, revealing a delicious thong and luscious ripe arse cheeks. I have to obey my over whelming desire to... and I playfully slap that gorgeous arse, which draws a gasp and another playful wiggle of her hips:

"Oooh, naughty... I've been very naughty Sir." she sighs.

Now, I've seen enough of this chick to see she's getting off on this already, so quickly reply:

"Yes you have, you naughty slut... you must be punished." before unleashing another, slightly harder smack.

She drops her bag to the floor, bends over further panting: "Yes Sir, I'm very bad... punish me!"

I don't need a second invitation... so after reaching under her, cupping an already gushing pussy, I slap her hot arse again and again... as I unleash my cock from my trousers, edging her forwards to brace herself against the wall with her hands.

She grabs in her handbag, jerking out a condom, which she rips open, twisting slightly to slide it down my cock expertly... before placing her palms against the wall again as I nudge the tip of my fat cock around her pussy... before sliiiiiiiiding it in slowly.

"Punish me! Punish me with your fat cock Sir!" she hisses, and in no time I'm pounding the shit out of her from behind, alternating between slapping her ass again and mauling her tits through her blouse... before I reach under, jerk her thong to oneside and probe for her clit.

Almost as soon as I touch it, she squeals, jamming herself back on me, her cunt spasming as she cums... sending me over the edge as I explode inside her.


Tossing the condom into the bin, we both straighten up and head our seperate ways home.


Hope you enjoyed those as much as I did - and propswife - the new pic's especially for you. I cropped it though... have to leave a little to the imagination eh?

freetime648 52F

5/6/2005 6:46 am

Sorry, I can't comment on the story, your pic has me in a quandry!! NICE!!

xx FREETIME648 xx

LeEnchantress 55F

6/3/2005 9:06 am

I liked the London train scene much better.... No wonder i'm a fan of mass transist... .lol
say one which was real? You never said??

flithymind 38M
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6/6/2005 4:59 am

Hmm... no I didn't say which one was real.

Which do you think?

lady_ttiger4ny 45F
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10/13/2005 10:54 pm

wow..i liked definately had my imagination wandering...i love the train one its authentic...but i believe that is the one that is fantasy...the one at your work i believe is true, as your screenname states filthymind...i believe you would be naughty at work,what woman would not flirt with you? and from some of the previous stories i read of yours, you seem to be into the female dominating you mostly...

Just my opinion, you definately are a hot story teller...i hope you continue writing more...


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