all better  

flirtingmom 42F
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7/12/2005 6:37 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

all better

went to the doc for my back and doing much better its a wonder what a little drugs can do ok now i have that about it and i am going to start topics to discuss here and see what everyone thinks
ok first topic how come women like myself have fantasies about having more than one guy and can't ever seem to find it cause guys don't want another guy in the room yet they don't mind another women I have been with other women but it doesn't do anything for me but cocks on the other hand does a lot for me

tech_troll 42M
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7/12/2005 7:28 pm

what can i say.. we guys are self conscious, and having another guy in the room just doesnt do it, but 2 women on the other hand that more eyecandy then we can handle..

2bwthu2 76M

7/12/2005 7:55 pm

Glad your back and you are feeling better. Fantasies are like dreams, the more you dream the sooner it will come true, and there is no such word as can't, so if that is what you want ,you will get it. Men are more self conchase of there appearance, size, body build, women only worry about there size , weight, breast size, and there over all apperance.

Philosophy_N_Sex 49M/47F

7/12/2005 8:29 pm

Well guys who love to watch and participate in MFM threesome do exists. They can be masculine, completly straight, and even have personality. You will find what you seek, trust me

Best wishes always PNS

rm_aldavis5000 57M

7/13/2005 7:48 am

Well there are str8 guys out there that can handle your fantasy, and speaking from experence would have to say I am one of those. True the guy guy thing freaks some out, but all must know before hand the ground rules. Open communication is a huge key to a successful encounter. It also helps if the other male has the same goal in mind that I share, that being that we are here to fulfill the lady's fantasy. It is about pampering her and spoiling her. Start with bathing her. Letting only her sit in the warm tub and being washed. Followed by a double team massage on her. Then when her sense's have been aroused to new heights any wish would be our privlege to perform to her.....

rm_hognut708 53M

7/13/2005 1:57 pm

yea all guys have that fantasy.. 2 woman with just them... but.. rarely does it happen.. i could manage u and another guy.. as i wont be checking him out.. as i will bbe trying to please yuo instead.. get aholda me

rm_trider4you 57M
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7/13/2005 2:09 pm

id love to get together for a bang,2 or more men,it would be hot

ruready4adark1 56M

7/13/2005 3:07 pm

Hi flirtingmom - I have no homophobias (is that a word?). That is, I don't mind one bit if another man is pleasing one end while I am pleasing the other end. I would even do a DP where there is barely inches between cocks going in and out of their respective pleasure places. When your focus is the female the fact that there is another man present hardly makes a difference except that for the woman there is double the pleasure.

Something about that girl girl thing that just drives men wild. Me too. Everything has its time and place. You want 2 cocks and so you should have them.

GuttaWaxesCathy 56M
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7/13/2005 9:04 pm

First happy to hear the drugs are working wonders. And they may make the mind wonder. I don't understand what the problem is either. I don't mind it at all, in fact I have 2 other guys we help keep a woman happy with 3 cocks. And when we are done she still wants more. Man, wish I could give her more. Hope you can get more than one cock but I am always willing!

gobiggoextreme 32M

7/13/2005 9:23 pm

Speaking form experiance MFM are fun especially when the women can actually handle two men. I would love to be in a MFM with you alls you have to do is name the time and place.

happyphuckers 50M/49F

7/13/2005 9:41 pm

I hear you sister, I'm in the same boat, although my husband does say that he does have fantasy's with me being with two men at once, but I don't think he could go through with it. We are currently seeking a female for our first 3 some, and I'm totally down with it. A womans body is just so soft, warm, tender, and moist. The female body is also very arrousing and most times pleasing to the eye...we shall see what the future holds, for now I'm a happy girl.

looking4fun1847 57M

7/14/2005 7:28 am

Count me in. I enjoy orgies and welcome more than one guy. I am a professional musician and when I was on the road, we frequently would find one or two women that would wanted the entire band. It was fun and I would like to do it again sometime

c1ngl3 45M
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7/14/2005 9:07 am

If you are really serious then give me a jingle cause we will make it happen.

c1ngl3 45M
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7/14/2005 9:17 am

Back again, well I am going to say that I think most guys since we already have pussy on the brain 24/7 its kind of difficult to think about a two for one deal. But I find myself here typiny with a rock hard cock, so Im thinking that I would really enjoy what you are asking for, but in turn I would like to see you with another woman because I have never seen that in real life just on the screen. So this just might be your day and just to let you know I am around 9 maybe ten inches with about a 4 to 5 inch thickness, And I live in the Marcellus,L awton,Paw Paw area.

love2lick_you 50M  
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7/15/2005 5:35 pm

I have never had an mmf, but the thought of it intrigues me. I think most straight guys (like me) have issues with two erections in the same room, but as long as a willing woman is there I think I could get over it. I will admit one on one is ideal (ffm is fantasy!), but I would love to try an mmf.

The Oasis is not far from my house, and I agree that it would be a nice place to meet up. As a std member I rely on the kindness of others to initiate contact, so email away.

bigdick4u2sex 60M

7/29/2005 5:33 pm

I don't have a problem with MFM, but I think most guys think they might get caught checking out the other guy, and being thought of as gay, or bi. I don't understand why all these wives out there in the couples are allowing thier husbands to ask for women for a three way so he can have twice the fun, and not demanding some candy for themselves. What's good for one is good for both.

flirtingmom 42F

8/2/2005 5:36 pm

yes i am very interested in doing a mfm the ffm not sure about but would like to be introduced into it very much so i will try anything once and you guys can email me here at AdultFriendFinder anytime

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