The taste of forbidden fruit....  

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11/10/2005 3:31 pm

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The taste of forbidden fruit....

Oral sex is something that came to me easily. I guess I inherited more than just my father's looks. I am going to share a particular experience with a young lady I encountered several years ago.
From the moment she took off her panties that were french cut, I knew that I had to taste her. The juice from her forbidden fruit streamed down from her ripe lips to the soft sateen of her panties. I simply could not resist. I wasted no time trailing my tongue down the center of her chest following the trail to my awaiting treasure. I was ready to play in her oasis. I placed the back of my tongue on the top of her clitoris first, slow movements left and right gradually picking up the pace as her body rhythms speed up. To add more intesity, I placed two fingers (index and middle)inside her massaging her G spot. Her body began to yearn and she could not control her movemnts. At this time I changed my lips into a small O tightly around her clitoris and began to flutter my tongue. She had no idea what she was in for, at this point I knew.... I GOT HER, To my surprise she said STOP. I did not understand but of course I did not. Stop, please stop she said again. I realized what was happening, she did not know she was a squirter. With out breaking my rhythm I said, you don't have to go to the bathroom, hold it till you can't stand it then push as hard as you can. Lucky for me, my bet was correct. I got out off the way just as she squirted across the room. I could not believe this had never happened to her before. As wet as she ways, it did not make since to me. Ladies, At this moment I realized that I enjoyed doing this for me. Luckly for this woman the benefit was all hers. With the right fruit, I can lick till you get tired!!!

Hopefully you enjoy this scene from one of my most memorable sexually experiences... I know I did.

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