What do you make of this?  

flagg134 36M
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6/20/2006 4:54 pm

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What do you make of this?

STONY POINT, N.Y. - A man intent on fulfilling his beloved wife's death wish stepped aside as she killed herself by driving the family minivan with their two children inside down a 300-foot cliff, authorities said Friday.

Hejin Han, 35, was dead at the scene of the Wednesday afternoon crash. Their children, who were strapped into their seats, survived with only minor injuries.

Her husband, Victor Han, 34, was arraigned Friday in Justice Court in the suburban Town of Stony Point, about 40 miles northwest of New York City, on charges of promoting a suicide attempt, reckless endangerment and endangering the welfare of a child.

Bail was set at $75,000 cash or $100,000 bond, court clerk Diane Quinn said. There were no defense or prosecuting attorneys present at the initial court appearance, according to the town judge, William Franks.

Police said the family had stopped the car in Bear Mountain State Park around 5:30 p.m. Wednesday. Han got out of the minivan and his wife "put the vehicle in drive and locked the doors," park police Col. James Warwick said Friday.

The vehicle then rolled over the cliff, tumbling nose-first through scrub growth and down the mountainside into rocks below, police said.

Neighbors said they saw no signs of trouble in the close-knit family, which went to church together every Sunday.

Hejin Han was declared dead at the scene; the couple's daughters were treated for minor injuries. Five-year-old Arianna Han and 3-year-old Itana Han were apparently taken to their grandparents' home, neighbors said Friday.

"We are worried about the kids and Victor and their family," said neighbor Pamela Cropley, who had watched the family pack up their van for a trip the day before the fatal crash. "We know Victor. He is a wonderful person."

The car was parked at a scenic overlook, with a view of the Hudson River. Boulders have been placed there to keep cars from going off the cliff, but police said the vehicle just fit between two of them.

In the tree-lined Staten Island neighborhood where the family lived, neighbors were in disbelief. "I knew Victor very well," said Kim Barbagallo, whose husband and Victor Han had worked together recently to rebuild the Barbagallos' home. Han, an architect, designed it and Anthony Barbagallo, a builder, constructed it.

The two families live across from each other on Elvin Street, where their four young children have played together in the close-knit, ethnically mixed neighborhood.

"They're a fabulous family," said Kim Barbagallo, who gathered with stunned neighbors at her home. "She was very sweet. They go to church on Sunday. They were always together as a family."

The criminal complaint prepared by New York State Park Police said Victor Han drove the family from Staten Island to the state park. Once there, and aware of his wife's suicidal state of mind, he walked away from the minivan "with the belief that Hejin Han wished to ... commit suicide," the complaint said.

Police had said Thursday that it looked like an accident that occurred as Victor Han enjoyed the local scenery.

But by Friday they said the evidence indicated Han left the car knowing that his wife was suicidal. Han was being held at the Rockland County jail pending another hearing Tuesday in Stony Point.


My take on this, is that they are being harsh as to concieve that a man would drive his wife to a cliff and expect her to drive off it while the kids were in the back seat. That just doesn't add up its not as though it could be proved that he put the keys in her hand and told her drive off. Personally I think the man probably has been through enough and now has to be placed under investigation. Facing a possible jail sentence of up to 15 years. Its not like he put a gun to her head or pushed the minivan down the cliff while she was sleeping. The most I could see him getting charged with is reckless endangerment considering he had knowledge that she was suicidal and didn't let anyone know about it.

There are two interesting points to make the police case though. One is that originally they thought it was an accident. Which would mean he withheld or lied about her suicidal intentions. I have to ask why he did that it certainly can allude to guilt. Though I can understand the guilt problem whether or not he gaslighted her. The second is that he was having an affair with another woman which I believe the wife may have known about. It could denote motive but why then the children as well. I just think its a bizarre case worthy of note, and I'm very interested in hearing others takes on it.


cactusass 55F

6/20/2006 7:39 pm

i read about that in a paper here. don't know what to think, people are strange and do stranger things. oh what savages we must seem like to any advanced life form out there. they must observe us as we would observe an ant hill. evolution can't move quick enough for me!

Rudy1166 50M
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6/20/2006 8:21 pm

Bizarre, sad and crazy. The biggest victims here are the kids.
They have to live with the lifelong memory of this utter craziness.

themisskrissy 56F
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6/20/2006 10:43 pm

bizarre things do happen.... what motivates some people i will never understand..

speaking of bizarre fun chat last night P. Darlin!

Virtue Alone Ennobles

phoenix639 49F

6/20/2006 11:12 pm

I agree with Sheeana.

If J's dad had suicidal tendencies flowing through his mind & had talked openly of them im afraid he would not be alone with J at all until he had some help.

My first thought would be in case she found him. Second would be in case he took her with him.

The Dad is guilty of not providing proper care of his own children.

MissAnnThrope 56F
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6/21/2006 5:43 am

OK, the fact he didn't try to get the kids out first is strange. That is reckless endangerment and two counts of endangering the welfare of a child. It was a minivan. He didn't have to get out first to get the kids out. He could have unstrapped them, gotten them out and then himself.

curvymeli 39F

6/21/2006 3:08 pm

I think the kids are the true victims here, as stated by others. He should have done everything to get them out first. It makes me wonder if there was something that he had 'done' to exacerbate her suicidal desires, and that he had gotten out of the car bc of some sort of fight, and she decided to hit the gas.

But maybe he's just a shitty father.

I disagree with the fact that he necessarily lied to police about the suicide at first. It's possible he was taken into medical custody and the police assumed it was an accident. They investigated it as such.

When they interviewed him later (they wouldn't really interview him at the scene, I don't think, bc he could have been in shock and to leave him standing there with the cliff in sight, the cranes, the ambulances, etc, wouldn't be the appropriate place to conduct an interview) he revealed the truth. Meanwhile news crews have already been reporting for an hour about the accident.

Ugh. It brings tears to my eyes for those kids. If there isn't some other form of foul play at hand I feel really sorry that they have to live their lives knowing what a disgusting excuse for a mother they had.

flagg134 36M
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6/22/2006 3:07 am

DBG: Well who knows about the guy but the wife definitely was bonkers for wanting to take down the kids as well. As for evolution the mold I was growing a while back is more evolved then some of the life forms I have encountered on this site.

Rudy: I wholeheartedly agree complete innocents who will have to live with that trauma for the rest of their lives. Not the most welcome start to life at least its a small miracle they survived.

Mari: My point exactly its a very touchy situation I don't see how they can sell this case to a jury without showing a solid motive. You are absolutely right about how he probably feels guilty if he had nothing to do with it. I do feel most for the kids they are just stuck in the middle of this.

TMK: Nope motives are strange often twisted. Hmmm spoke to me is someone acting to be me?

Sheeana: Well definitely something smells fishy and it should be put under investigation. At the very least as others said he endangered the lives of the children by leaving them with her. Considering he had knowledge of her threats that is something he shouldn't have let occur.

Phoe: I agree when there are children involved they should take proper precaution. Anyone who threatens to take out their own children is not thinking straight she should have been reported to someone before she endangered any lives including her own.

MissAnn: Agreed MissAnn just bizarre that given the knowledge he had he would be that negligent. Now the kids are stuck with this memory for their lives. Thankfully they were unhurt in the ordeal.

Meli: Interesting point although I don't think he was taken into medical custody at all. Of course the police asked him what happened immediately people tend to give the most detail about what happened soon after an incident. Besides he had to call in to get them there at some point he at least didn't make clear that it was a suicide attempt.

Perhaps they were fighting thats a good point. Why would he leave the car though. He could have had her leave or told the kids to step outside so they can argue. You might be right but that doesn't completely make sense either.

I don't know about calling their mother a terrible person. Obviously there were mental issues there. Sometimes those go beyond the control of the person. Its sad that they were never addressed and instead allowed to let this occur. That much I blame the husband for.


Hippink 35F
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6/22/2006 10:04 pm

Well, who knows? It's possible that he didn't believe she would do it. I'll bet he was the most surprised.
I read about that in the paper, too. I've been reading a LOT of things just as, or more, shocking. A man stabbing his two little boys in a river because his wife said she wanted a divorce (one boy dies).
A woman killing the two young children of her husband for revenge.
Teenaged girls running off with their much older boyfriends after killing her parents. (one of these incidents happened here in Alberta... they killer her 9-yr-old brother, too).

There's a lot of sick people out there that take the children down with them.

I'm just glad that, this time, the kids made it out alive. If their father is stable and loves them, I hope he is allowed to care for them.
Hippie XXX

SolarPowered0 67M
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6/23/2006 11:15 pm

I think it's absurd to believe there is something more, here, than an accident. If he is criminally accountable, the state must also be held criminally accountable for having placed barriers in a negligent manner so as to allow the vehicle to pass between two of them.

Makes you kinda wonder if maybe the state knows something we don't??? If I were the state, I'd be placin' all the blame possible on the one under the spotlight - just to make certain it did not pan to me. But then I happen to be an extreme skeptic - and I don't believe ANYTHING that comes from the government - ANY government!

Under environmental law (which is federal criminal law, in most cases) for instance, "if you knew OR should have known"... you are guilty. Seems to me the state knew, since they made a point of placing the rocks as a barrier. If it had been a bike, I doubt this would have been an issue... and kids couldn't have been on the bike. But rocks wouldn't have stopped a bike from going over. Seems like negligence to me. They should have place a guard-rail there. That would have prevented this particular circumstance from occurring. Negligence, pure and simple - and the guy has a real good case against the state. Better hang that fucker before they end up coughing up some big bucks.

Solar... (out of the clear blue of the Western Sky)

real36CgirlPA 38F

6/25/2006 9:17 am

Sounds like a situation that could have been avoided about 50 different ways, but if they got into a fight or whatnot maybe neither of the parents were thinking logically beforehand.

This post just registered as new on my watched blogs list, btw. How weird is that?

nightstalker172 36M
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6/25/2006 9:35 am

Perhaps he knew she was suicidal but had no idea that she would go to that extreme to kill herself...he probably didnt see it coming Perhaps he felt that it was safe to get out of the car and look at the scenery I mean...the mother wouldnt kill herself infront of the children...

OR perhaps this was a effort for the man to get rid of his family and blaim it on the mother so that he could be with that "other woman" and she wasnt suicidal at all...whos to say really....

Or he taughted her thinking that she wouldnt actually do anything...most people who threaten suicide will never actually do it. What they really want is to control another person...but there are some who follow through...who really knows what happend except him and his deceased wife...and those children...but at least the children made it out alive...

What puzzles me though is He granted her a dieing wish?....and that was to commit suicide and murder their children at the same time? Is that the media twisting things or is that what he actaully said to the press....

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