I must look or sound stupid!  

flagg134 36M
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7/5/2006 4:35 pm

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8/22/2006 4:48 pm

I must look or sound stupid!

These are some emails I have gotten recently from scammers who apparently think I am just going to fall hook line and sinker. I was thinking of replying to one of them on messenger as missannthrope had. I just didn't have the energy or time to do so perhaps I shall the next time I get sent one of these.

To: flagg134
Date: Jun 30, 2006 10:35 PM EDT

hi there i saw your profile and i really like it and would like to know more about you for possible realtionship, i beleive thou, that there is nothing better for the spirit or the body than a love affair. What does the second part of this sentence have to do with the first and if they truly liked my profile I'm really confused its quite vanilla nothing at all special. Its needs serious tweaking and a more personal touch to it.
It elevates the thoughts and flattens the stomachs.We seek the comfort
of another. Someone to share and share the life we choose. Someone to
help us through the neverending attempt to understand ourselves. How does a relationship flatten the stomach I mean other than sex being considered exercise. Unless you are dating a personal trainer I can't see that happening. With the rest of this isn't that laying things on a little thick?
And in
the end, someone to comfort us along the way.
I must confess that it is with great joy and enthusiasm that I am
writing you this mail, which I know and believes by faith that it must
surely find you in good condition of health.
Well it has found me at a time when I am still fighting a bout with insomnia. Getting better but not the point what kind of statement is this other than fluff.
Happiness is an attitude of mind, born of the simple determination to
be happy under all outward circumstances.Happiness is an endowment and
not an acquisition. It depends more upon temperament and disposition
than environment.
I both agree and disagree with this as it is a state of mind but your environment and outside influences have effects on your disposition. I digress though what does this have to do with wanting to meet me?
My name is XXXXXXX , I am 29 years old single lady from United
States but presently in africa cos i work there a a charity worker for a charitable organization, i am mixed race partly african and american. Wonder if she works in Nigeria I wouldn't be surprised also I have to guess that the beneficiary of the charity she/he works for is none other than him/herself. Also why contact me if you live in Africa my profile states travel like that is impossible and she seemed to like my profile alot considering what she wrote above guess she just omitted that part.
i beleive One is not bound to have all the joys in live. You may have everything in life but there are still those things which one may needed that seems very common to others and yet it kept on giving hard times.
If I had everything in life would I be on a dating site?
Everyone has his or her own share of pains to bear in life. I've got mine
and you've got yours. But we need to lean on each other to keep life
smooth going.
Really and here I thought I was the only one who ever got a little down at times. You mean to tell me that everyone gets upset at times.
You may be financially alright, physically and you may be lacking on
the emotional side of it.
Bwahahaha Financially alright more like Surviving, Physically ok I'm fine besides the lack of sleep leaving me in a state of fatigue. Emotionally I'm ok considering there are many worse off there than me.
I am working and what I am getting from my sponsor and loved ones is keeping me fine but I am lacking the right man in my life, someone to hold on, someone to lean on, someone who could be there for me all the time, Someone to share fun with, bad times and good times, trial times,
Celebration times, rainy and sunny times of life.
I need an honest , trust worthy and God fearing man. Well she finally got to what she was looking for but wow talk about not getting to the point and laying her shtick really thick. Another omit on my profile I am not a God fearing man I really don't believe much in any organized religion and its stated I'm agnostic.

I have another interesting one that I'll share later thought I would have more time. ~sigh~


themisskrissy 56F
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7/5/2006 6:26 pm

maybe she wants you to tithe to her...

Virtue Alone Ennobles

Rudy1166 50M
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7/5/2006 7:55 pm

Or maybe she want's you to have a religious experience whilst you're fucking her brains out. Then you have to put an offering into her basket.

phoenix639 49F

7/6/2006 3:07 am

Oh jeez she sounds like the Jehovah's Witnesses who knock at my door.

I dont mean disrespect to anyone practicing this religion but i know of no other that not & preach on doorsteps.

I will get shot for saying that wont i lol.

So when are you meeting her babes? As she got a brother for me?

header1979 37M
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7/6/2006 3:25 pm

It is another variation of the 419 scam. Actually I heard that they no longer are operating the scam from Nigeria but in The Netherlands. Pretty soon she will want to use your bank account to transfer some charity money away from the war lords.

These scams continue because there are people who actually fall for them. "A sucker is born every minute." P.T. Barnum.

Plus getting scam email, you got an old dude in Australia who is obsessed with you. Are you having fun yet? lol

flagg134 36M
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7/6/2006 3:27 pm

Sexyeyes: Apparently trying to appeal to my spiritual side actually I think this might be the right approach for bots. The target being a naive and lonely altruist.

TMK: Bingo!!

Rudy: Rudy its offering first then I get a religous experience an exodus to find where she went with my money.

Phoe: The mormons do too phoe but jehovah's witnesses had their own commercials for a while the ones brought to you by jesus christ and the church of latter day saints.

I'm booking my flight to niger right now babes. She says she has ten brothers that should be enough for you to choose from.


MissAnnThrope 56F
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7/7/2006 6:29 pm

Copy and paste the full email with handle and send it to abuse. When it's an obvious Nigerian scam, the profile is down in no time flat.

Was this one of the blogbots?

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