I am very WELL HUNG....over  

five_speed 41M
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9/4/2005 8:39 am

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I am very WELL HUNG....over

I don't drink very often these days, and when I do drink, it is even rarer that I actually get drunk.

So last night was an exception to the trend. My neighbor invited me to a keg party and I went. I figured I could meet some new people and have a good time.

It worked out pretty well, but it was a little weird too. Half the people weren't old enough to drink legally. It was fun to watch them and listen to them talk, to be reminded of the shit that used to bother me and worry me 10 years ago. I don't feel any different, but last night made me realize I have changed a lot over the years - in some ways. But in other ways, I really am still the same.

That was the last coherent thought I had before we started playing beer pong and doing keg stands. I got so messed up.

And I feel it this morning. My God, I think they’ve launched Woodstock 2005 in my skull. I guess it's another way I've changed. The hangovers hurt worse every year.

I hear they make a hang-over prevention pill these days that's supposed to work wonders. I thought about trying it, but I'm not a big fan of popping any kind of pills. I won't even take anything for this headache now.

Kind of a double standard, I reckon. From time to time I'm willing to drink insane amounts of alcohol and enjoy the gradual poisoning of my entire body, but I don't like to take medicine because I don’t like chemicals in my body. If you figure that one out, let me know, because it doesn't make any sense to me either.

My neighbor is cooking bacon with breakfast. I can smell it through the ductwork, and it makes me want to puke. ugh.

I wish I had an IV. Or two. When I was in the Rangers, we'd be out all night, drinking ourselves into oblivion. When we got back to the barracks, we'd sleep a few hours before morning formation, and when we got up, we'd find some one sober enough to pop us all with IVs. We all knew how to do it, but it's hard to do when you're still drunk. (Not as hard as doing an ankle stick through NVGs on a blacked out Chinook flying a NOE, but why blow a vein when you don’t need to?)

We had IVs laying around all over the place for "combat life saver" training. Bullshit. They were instant hangover cures. I couldn’t tell you how many times I held an IV up with my left hand while I shaved and brushed my teeth with my right. We’d pull the sticks, swab off the blood and head to formation. If we could get through formation without swaying or falling over, we were in good shape, because we could use the white line on the side of the road to run in a straight line.

We hated it when we went out and the squad leader stayed back on night duty, because the bastard would get pissed since we had a good time when he wasn’t able to, and he’d run us 8 or 10 miles the next morning. By the time we got back, it was time for more IVs. We’d shower up, pop in fresh sticks, and doze while we sent the cherries to the chow hall to get some bagels and cereal….. I miss those times.

They taught us that you can't pop yourself, but that isn't true. You can do it if you have good veins and don't mind bleeding a little bit.

Oh well. Guess I'll just have to drink water and re-hydrate the hard way. I just drank a quart of water, and I'm going back to bed. The light is too bright.

I hope y’all are enjoying your Sunday morning. I’ll check back in later.

five_speed 41M

9/4/2005 12:05 pm

*smacks forehead*

SSS, you're a life saver! I have a big can of v-8 in the cabnet! Why didn't I think of that?

*rubs the sore red spot on his forehead and looks for a can opener.*

Thank you very much for stopping by by little rest stop!

Ana_6973 43F

9/4/2005 12:18 pm

You're supposed to drink the water while you are drinking, silly. Not that I ever listen to my own advice. I have to say when I was in college I was never hung over. Now give me one drink and I'm gonna be hung over the next day. Degree varies but I have discovered that drinks like Smirnoff Ice give me migraines. So I usually drink Malibu and pineapple juice and don't end up hungover. Although a few weeks ago when I quit the job my friends go me royally fucked up. I wanted to die Sunday morning. I don't think I left my bed all day.

~~"I can scream as loud as your last one, but I can't claim innocence."~~

five_speed 41M

9/4/2005 2:10 pm

Ana, When I'm in a mood to seriously get blitzed, I use Smirnof Ice to chase Jack Daniels. It doesn't take long. Normally I drink some water before i go to bed, wake up a few hours later, take a piss, drink some more water, go back to sleep. Then I'm fine the next day except for a little queaziness. but i didn't go to sleep last night. I passed out. There was no waking up and no water.

Ana_6973 43F

9/4/2005 2:45 pm

See, if you add the water while you drink, passing out won't matter.
I love Smirnoff Ice but it doesn't love me. As for Jack, icky. I'm a frou-frou drink kinda girl. I loved Boones when I was in college.

~~"I can scream as loud as your last one, but I can't claim innocence."~~

five_speed 41M

9/4/2005 6:51 pm


v-8 - check.

I am feeling lots better. Thank you for thinking of me.

sweetthang2877 39F
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9/5/2005 12:54 am

Another good trick with the tomato juice is to drink a bloody mary or two at the end of your night...next morning no hangover!
Oh, dear...don't smack your forehead when you are hung over!! It really just makes things worse!

Or...you could mix it with a beer! Dad used to drink "red beer" all the time! It's actually not bad!

I usually don't get hangovers though...good thing...I'm allergic to tomatoes!! I do know the V8 thing works though!

five_speed 41M

9/5/2005 5:39 am


thanks for the tip. I love tomatoes and tomato juice. I eat them one way or another every day, but I never developed a taste for bloody marys or red beer. Tried them both on numerous occasions and gagged every time. It's probably a good thing. As much as I like tomatoes, I'd probably be an alchoholic if I developed a taste for bloody marys.

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