Can I just skip mornings from now on?  

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7/22/2005 8:10 am

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Can I just skip mornings from now on?

My first sight of the day was a pair of the most beautiful and deep green eyes I had ever seen. Curled up beside me, her head resting on my outstretched arm, Gwen studied every line of my face for the slightest sign of life. Seeing that I was finally awake, she rolled halfway over and stretched her legs. I reached over and ran a finger gently over the tip of her ear and down her neck.

“Good morning,” I said, still half-dreamy with sleep. Gwen turned those soul-seeking eyes back to mine and just looked at me until I smiled again.

Then she flicked her tail out of the way, bent over and licked her own ass. I turned away and waited for her to finish. Once the lapping sound stopped, I looked to her again, and she was busy licking her paws and wiping her whiskers.

“I guess that ass was finger-licking good, huh?” I asked. “Well, no good morning kisses for you, luv.”

She shot me a cool, disdainful look, and I wasn't sure if she was saying

My breath still smells better than yours, wise ass.

or maybe it was

you’re just jealous because you’re not that flexible.

I scratched her ears and neck until she purred. I laughed to myself as a Ted Nugent line flashed through my head, “…I make that pussy purr with the stroke of my hand…”

I snickered as I swung my legs around and down to the floor. Gwen looked up at me through half-lidded eyes, obviously unimpressed at my petting stamina.

I stroked her fur back the wrong way just to piss her off worse. “Be happy that you got that much. You’re the only pussy I’ve touched since Memorial Day.”

I thought about laying back down, just going back to sleep, because I knew the day wasn’t going to get any better than it was right at that moment. I looked over at the bottle of motion lotion on the Tupperware tote I’ve used for a nightstand since I moved into the new apartment.

maybe I should start the day off with a bang, I thought.

I decided against it. It had gotten to the point where it didn’t take the edge off anymore. An orgasm was easy, but it was just the expulsion of bodily fluid. Masturbating was like giving a crack addict caffeine pills. It just wasn’t what I needed to sate the growing, gnawing hunger in my mind. I needed to smell, taste and touch a woman’s skin. I needed to hear her voice and her heart beat. Nothing else would do.

Looking back to the lotion one last time, I shook my head and cussed myself out loud.

“Get out of bed, you sorry lame-ass shit. You got work to do. It sure as hell ain’t doing itself, and you’re not gonna do yourself either.”

I grabbed the remote and turned up the volume to the MP3 player. It plays 24/7, but I turn it down when I sleep. Shirley Manson’s sultry vixen voice crooned,

” I know what's good for you (You can touch me if you want)
I know you're dying to (You can touch me if you want)
I know what's good for you (You can touch me if you want)”

Great. Perfect. Just what I needed to hear and think about. Helps a lot. Thanks.


When I was still in my old town, planning to move, orchestrating my grand New Beginning, selling my furniture and most of everything else I owned, just to be rid of the memories associated with it all, I knew then that there would be days like this. I knew it because there have been days like this before, but that was a long time ago, and I just don’t remember them being quite so harsh.

In the middle of my thoughts, the staffing agent called. He was too chatty, too pleasant; I knew what he was going to say.

"It was REALLY close, 5-speed, but the other guy got the contract. It wan't anything to do with your technical or social proficiencies. He just had more corporate experience. Don't worry though. Something else will come along soon."

I didn't hear that, though. I heard "Chalk up another one to being almost good enough but just not quite. Go ahead and hang in there with that job that's wilting your soul, and if I can use you later, I'll call, but don't hold your breath."

I wanted Wild Turkey for breakfast. But I'm drying out for now - it's part of the New Beginning.

It is not so bad, though. I’m not content now, but a person needs down times to fully enjoy and appreciate the good times. Besides, I know it will all work out ‒ maybe not the way I want or plan or hope, but if I work at it and want it bad enough, it will work out well enough to allow me to continue learning, growing, and living. That is enough for me.

That hunger still growls in the back of my mind, despite the news about the job, but I can deal with it. For now I’ll just slam my dick in the dictionary a couple times to put things in perspective for the little head. The poor guy only has one eye, and sometimes he doesn’t see so clearly, or very far ahead. He needs an occasional attitude adjustment.

Ok. Found my pile of clean laundry. Time to go make the donuts… and yes, Gwen, we’ll get breakfast for you while we’re at it.

DefiniteTrouble 50F

10/19/2005 8:21 pm

Yes, it'll all work out. And I've got the perfect attitude adjustment for 2 1/2 speed.

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