And so they named him "asshole"  

five_speed 41M
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8/31/2005 7:39 am

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And so they named him "asshole"

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Ana_6973 43F

8/31/2005 10:02 am

That completely tops the night I freaked my roomie out staring into space from my top bunk saying "here kitty kitty" in a sing song voice while she studied. She looked at me and said "Anna, there is no kitty." I looked at her but through her and said "Yes there is, over there in the corner. See?" and pointed and looked at the darkened corner of our room and started in with the "here kitty kitty" again. Did I mention I talk in my sleep? She hated being awake when I was sleeping because she never knew what would happen next. And she had known me for four years prior to college.

~~"I can scream as loud as your last one, but I can't claim innocence."~~

five_speed 41M

8/31/2005 4:46 pm

Ana, that sounds freaky. Remind me, and I'll write another entry soon about the night I barricaded a couple guys in their dorm room while they were dropping acid. I had them convinced the building was trying to eat them. Sounds mean, I know, but they had it coming for ratting me out as the master-mind behind the giant snow penis.... well, maybe I'd better start that story all the way at the beginning!

five_speed 41M

8/31/2005 4:48 pm

kat, I never thought of bikes... I've always been intrigued by them, but I've never owned one. My uncle got killed on one when I was a baby, and my parents never let me near them. I'll get one some day, an old beat up one that I can scuff up as I learn to ride it and learn to fix it. Then I'll get a nice one. It's on the list along with my sail boat.

five_speed 41M

8/31/2005 4:50 pm

nbtnt, initiate things in your sleep, eh? That sounds very, very interesting.

I don't talk in my sleep, but I guess I spout some crazy stuff when I'm blitzed on liquor. No one will ever tell me what I say either. They just shake their heads and look for the door when I pick up the Jack Daniels.

expatbrit49 62M

8/31/2005 5:09 pm

Funny story 5, I thought cars but now I know

Thank You for Your Time and Attention

rm_saintlianna 45F
15466 posts
8/31/2005 8:08 pm

Wow, sleeping with you would be an adventure in more ways than one!

five_speed 41M

8/31/2005 8:38 pm

expat, as they used to say on the old GI Joe cartoons, knowing is half the battle!

five_speed 41M

8/31/2005 8:42 pm

saintlianna, I've calmed dwon somewhat since those days. I don't bring blades to bed anymore except by my lover's request.

I dated a girl for awhile that liked me to use blades... never to cut her, but to flash them around, drag the dull back of the blade across her skin, and to cut her clothes off. It didn't do much for me except to stress me out (I was always worried that I'd nick her) but it really got her off, so I obliged her.

Ana_6973 43F

8/31/2005 9:52 pm

Nummy, knife play. That's something that is fun with the violet wand too, and with the wand you can make her think you're actually cutting her....add some warm oil and it's absolutely evil....

I gots stories for you too....

~~"I can scream as loud as your last one, but I can't claim innocence."~~

rm_saintlianna 45F
15466 posts
8/31/2005 10:17 pm

Yeah, that would scare me too, but I could see how it would be exciting.

five_speed 41M

8/31/2005 11:09 pm

ana, yeah, I was checking out your description of the violet wand in your blog - extremely interesting. Have you ever considered doing a Q&A in your blog about sex toys or accessories?

So send me some stories, already. I'm not keeping count, but I think you owe me one or two!

five_speed 41M

9/1/2005 7:07 am

Ok, Ok, T... how about a spork? At the moment, I can't imagine any way to use a spork erotically, but I love a challenge! I'd find a way!

five_speed 41M

9/1/2005 7:16 am

huny, I can't redit this one to my imagination. It really happened.

five_speed 41M

9/1/2005 7:18 am

Huny, I can't credit this one to my imagination. This one really happened.

rm_txrose4uNTX 57F
3289 posts
9/19/2005 12:35 pm

Too funny!!!

LMAO.... it is funny how are freinds get to be our friends in the end. Great story. I am sure that this is one that you will be telling the grand-children some day!!!


bulging_boy 49M

10/11/2005 4:44 am

Jesus man! I'm glad I took the time to read that.

Seriously pants wetting stuff.

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