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July 18 ‒ September 1

I’m getting a handful of posts under my belt, and as I draw new readers, I hardly expect anyone to go back and read everything I have here (although I think you’d enjoy it if you did.)

So, I’ve borrowed an idea I saw DefiniteTrouble use in her blog to give you a run down of the highlights contained within my blog to date. The idea is to give new readers an idea of what has come before and to consolidate scattered posts for readers who have been here a while. I have listed all of the poetry, fiction and erotica that were written on or before September 1st, but I skipped a number of humorous and personal posts. I included only my personal favorites or ones that received the most response.

I hope this proves useful to everyone.

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My tattoos are windows into my soul
BRAIN vs HEART: the war never ends

Morons and Midgets 1
Morons and Midgets 2
Morons and Midgets 3
Morons and Midgets 4
Morons and Midgets 5
Morons and Midgets 6
Morons and Midgets 7

Nauseating Phenomena, Part 1
Nauseating Phenomena, Part 2
Nauseating Phenomena, Part 3
Nauseating Phenomena, Conclusion

fail safe secret to maintaining long term relationships.
Lawyers crucified in my yard!
And Now, A Word From Our Sponsor.
And so they named him "asshole"

deleted poem 1
deleted poem 2
deleted poem 3
deleted poem 4
Deleted Poem 5
Deleted Poem 6
Deleted Poem 7
deleted poem 8

It's cunnilingus, not nuclear physics!
Knights in Shiny Armor are Worthless

DefiniteTrouble 50F

9/5/2005 6:22 pm

You thief !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(sobs) And to think, I was devoting my life to being your blog stalker! Those eyes...you sucked me in...and you stole my...my...uh....shit.

LOL...actually, it's an idea I'd like to see more bloggers use. I think it helps direct viewers to pertinent posts and keeps them from shuffling through it all, often losing interest. I plan to keep mine edited and linked at the bottom of the majority of my new posts.

Besides, I'm stealing one of your ideas, that you actually stole from someone else, lol. You won't be able to miss it..."5-Speed's Been Robbed." (um...or would you like me to use "5-Speedo"?)

DefiniteTrouble 50F

9/5/2005 6:26 pm

Oh wow...proof that this is a good tool for bloggers. Just read your post "soulmate." Never knew it existed until now. Stunning. Just stunning.

five_speed 41M

9/5/2005 8:37 pm

DT, You were the one who chastised me earlier for mentioning your stalking activities. Keeping that in mind, I think we should at least attempt to maintain an outward appearance of civility and order. To that effect, please don't call me any variation of "Speedo" unless it’s from the payphone on the corner outside my apartment. If you call me that here, Traveling will accuse me of playing favorites, and I'm all out of the gummy bears that usually chill him out when he gets on a rant.

(I'm glad you like "soul mate." It's one of those that came straight from my spirit.)

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