Convo is Free, I Am Hungry  

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10/23/2005 7:44 am

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Convo is Free, I Am Hungry

five4321go (M) 13. shellback57 (AKA Shell, back, 57.) Officership: Monsiuer Balut/author of the balut. [10:19 PM CDT]

shewolf51 (C) technicolor burp on bread lol [10:19 PM CDT]

shellback57 (M) gross @ clown [10:19 PM CDT]

five4321go (M) shell, you are officer #13 [10:19 PM CDT]

five4321go (M) naw clown... [10:19 PM CDT]

clownNmel (C) lol....just barf on have pizza [10:18 PM CDT]
aids1965 (M) [10:18 PM CDT]

five4321go (M) dang I could have grown a pizza by now... [10:17 PM CDT]

shellback57 (M) taurus...? u git in on dis pizza thang?..if so , i'm interested 2 know what ur reahlm is ..ha..ha.. [10:17 PM CDT]

Taurusmeat4 (M) A *toe nail biter* iz that anything like a *Pillow Biter*?? [10:17 PM CDT]

Italia_Rain (F) lol ok [10:17 PM CDT]

five4321go (M) I just saw "bite" and bit... am dang hungry sowwy [10:17 PM CDT]

five4321go (M) oops sorry itty, putting the horse b4 the cart with my biter comment... [10:16 PM CDT]

Italia_Rain (F) whut five ? [10:16 PM CDT]

Italia_Rain (F) ick sissy lmao [10:16 PM CDT]

five4321go (M) hmm? itty? [10:15 PM CDT]

ridged8 (M) to see ya mate.. [10:15 PM CDT]

_gypsibleu (F) OMG a toe nail biter [10:15 PM CDT]

ridged8 (M) Hello five [10:15 PM CDT]

Taurusmeat4 (M) Heya Ridged [10:15 PM CDT]

ridged8 (M) <<nibbles.. [10:15 PM CDT]
shewolf51 (C) doesn't even lol [10:15 PM CDT]

Italia_Rain (F) AdultFriendFinder [10:15 PM CDT]
five4321go (M) heya ridge [10:15 PM CDT]

shewolf51 (C) <<< oesn't bite just licks lol [10:15 PM CDT]

five4321go (M) nail biters or pillow biters? [10:15 PM CDT]

clownNmel (C) that`s gonna bruisssse [10:14 PM CDT]

ridged8 (M) lol..biters... [10:14 PM CDT]

five4321go (M) good save GB [10:14 PM CDT]

Italia_Rain (F) and i bite lololol [10:14 PM CDT]

five4321go (M) sage advice brother T [10:13 PM CDT]

_gypsibleu (F) Oh good five LOL [10:13 PM CDT]
clownNmel (C) OOwwwwww........I only pinched [10:13 PM CDT]

shewolf51 (C) killer clowns from outer space roflmao [10:13 PM CDT]

five4321go (M) I respect my officers [10:13 PM CDT]

Italia_Rain (F) "walks ovvah and bites clowniee " phooey" [10:13 PM CDT]

five4321go (M) minister of mushrooms, I did call back and had them add it btw... [10:13 PM CDT]

Italia_Rain (F) Italia_Rain (F) they might be funny she but they taste bad lmao [10:12 PM CDT] [10:13 PM CDT]

shewolf51 (C) really itty i never ate 1 lol [10:12 PM CDT]

Taurusmeat4 (M) Don't in hale a pepperoni there

Five...LOL [10:12 PM CDT]

clownNmel (C) nOOOO.....we taste FUNNY [10:12 PM CDT]

_gypsibleu (F) errr shewolfie.....all the clownies except the ones that come alive in peoples bedrooms [10:12 PM CDT]

five4321go (M) lol very cute GB [10:12 PM CDT]

Italia_Rain (F) they might be funny she but they taste bad lmao [10:12 PM CDT]

five4321go (M) cam this cardboard box!!! [10:11 PM CDT]

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