Day after night before  

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9/11/2005 9:55 am

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Day after night before

Hmmm I feel like Im 21 again, last night I celebrated a friends birthday with his friends, we hired the most incredible stretch limo , apparantly the newest and most luxurious, we celebrated in style and proceeded to drink champagne and enjoy ourselves upto mayfair to a exclusive club.
The night was great,
Now I must admit I was looking pretty hot, immaculately groomed and quality good fitting clothes.
I met a string of nice ladies, I just stayed at the bar talking with good company, and different girls made conversation during the night, most of them beautiful slim and under 30, however I met the most amazing girl,
she was tall, Russian from New York, blonde and very much in good shape.
Well built but still very feminine with the most amazing aqua blue eyes.
And deep russian accent. she almosy reminded me of the russian woman in allo allo that always used
to chase rene, the waiter, yes this woman was just as forward.

She was very attracted to me she wanted me and was trying to grope me, my friends were amazed seeing this girl and could clearly see she was so horny for me.

I had to turn and talk to her as she tried to french kiss me several times.
She liked me as she felt I was not like the other guys that were just after one thing from her.
Thing is I explained to her am not into 1 nighters, she was ok with that, I got her number (and she got her snog) and now I may phone her to meet up this week if she wants to, wonder if after the alcohol has worn off shell remember me , though I dont think she was drunk. mmmm her friend was pretty hot too! A threesome with both women is a nice thought!
Maybe I'll invite her and her friend out for dinner.
I think I have more lucky chances out there than on this website.

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