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7/16/2006 9:21 pm

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My curiosity is strong and intense
If only the words would be spoken
A validation for all my low suspicion
I know you think it too
And I am certain that you too wish to hear it
Which makes it all the more ... enticing

Can you feel the electricity in the air?
When conversation drifts near the subject
Which of us has more restraint?
Oh please, someone make mention first
As I do not wish to carry this silently for many more days
Beyond that, it may be I, that speaks it first

And once it is spoken, we are free to descend
To feed unabated on hearsay and 'what ifs'
Encouraging each, with flapping wings of excitement
Picking savagely at the tidbits and morsels
Until the meat of rumor is exhausted
And our prey lies still beneath sharp claws

My belly is full, yet I am not fulfilled or contented
It was a meal, yes, but not one of substance
And soon I feel the craving for new flesh
And descend at the slightest mention
With others of my kind, oh yes, my kind

Yet, might I resist and stay aloft, alone?
Can resolve bring restraint? Could patience win out?
Or will I grow weak from hunger, starvation
And fall to the ground in obvious danger
Then others, I know, will descend upon me
To feed upon the words of my failure

That cannot happen! So down I go to feed again

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