How much time do you spend?  

fishn4funwithu 47M
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10/12/2005 2:16 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

How much time do you spend?

How much time do you spend on this site and has it paid off yet? I have been on here for a few months now and in the beginning I would spend a few hours a day searching for people that I would be interested in meeting and doing the blog thing. Some times it seemed like to much time when I started to think of of the other constructive things I could have been doing with my time. Other times it seemed like I was not spending enough time to get my self out there to be seen. I am beginning to think that if I go to the mall and plop my ass down on a bench for a few hours that I could better than I do here. Well anyway's, I will try to be optimistic and hang in there until my membership expires at the end of November.

pachun4ever 35F
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10/12/2005 6:38 pm

an hour or so a day and I defintely feel like it is not paying off...that's why I won't buy a membership

rm_mojomike 50M
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10/14/2005 6:36 am

Hmm, don't know what to tell you, I have been on and off this board for a while and it works. Just be willing to write a real response and not just a dick picture. Also, don't be afraid to start with "coffee at book store". You have to like the person and they you before you sleep with them.

fishn4funwithu 47M

10/14/2005 12:49 pm

That is very good advice that I will take. Thanks!

HelloRaneeVocat 46M
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11/1/2005 4:24 pm

November will be one year that I have been on here as a paying member, and I have only met 2 cpls. I spend an hour or 2 a day on here, and I am about to go to just being a non paying customer. I have found that most on here are not real or just like to BS. I have also gone to one of those Meet & Greets, no one there looked like what their pics on the profile looked like, it was actually kinda scary.

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