Wal-Mart RockS!!  

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6/24/2006 12:32 pm

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Wal-Mart RockS!!

A certain associate of mine once said!!!

Sur--ounded. By-Morons!!

Yeah! Yeah! Down with Wal-Mart! Down with WAL-MArt!

I Know! Iknow!



This same associate tells me that in his town and country, there's a certain mall with a photo shop in it.

Today he planned on putting up some pics on his upcoming posts, which required a payed photo Session...

He remembered how there was a time, when they did not discriminate against his wealth, and he was always amazed by tha low prices.

I don't know whose model's are cheaper, Ford, or GM, but it's funny that how when you manage to find a way to undercut tha competion by a dominating enough of a margin how fast they try to bring you down...

My question is...Why are economists soooo stupid...
But even moreso, why is everyone else even stupider?
I guess that's understandable, but...

Whys can't they get the hell outta walmart's hair, and figure out how to build their own god-daamn business, in stead, of blaaah, boo hoo, wa wa...

...your a big heartless corporaaaation" bullshit?

No wonder are kids are starvin and people are gettin shot in tha streets!

Every body runnin around with their stupid signs, "Ban Picketing!" "Ban Picketing!"
or whatever the hell some charismatic idiot told em to say..

Throwing all that hate at whoever the cool kids, or god duckin, bible fuddlin nobrains can come up with next...

It's no wonder that a half hour ago, my associate was stumbli around This Mall with the photo shop cussing and swearin about tha fact that he wants his pictures taken, in and out, no questions, no hassle, swing open tha curtain, nod at tha next pathetic single male, nod his head, cut tha chit chat, post his pictures and get on with his day...

But nooooooo....

"What's yur deal? How many photos? How Much?"
"Well we go that!" ( points fearfully to sign of little black smilin baby on it"
"Ya go what?"
"The Deal"
"What Deal?"
"Well our package offers 7 photos for somethin somethin 8.95, here read this."
"Eight ninety five. Seven photos. No hidden fees or costs."
"Can I choose my poses, like if I wanna take pictures out of this mag..."
"Well the pictures have to be family oriented, sir."
"Can I get them on a disk?"
"Yes, blah blah..we can have them on a disk..blah blah 9.95.."
"Whoo whhoaah.I thought you said eight ninety five!"
"That's right sir. Eight ninety five for the photo session, and nine-ninety five for the disk..."
"OOH so tha disk isn't considered a hidden fee!"
"...Duh Blah somethin.. somethin""
"Okay! Okay! Whatever forget it,"
"(turns to patient man with child) look go ahead of me, I'll be back!"
(comes back)
"Okay, Can I do the seven photo session, and if I need more, can I carry on into a second session, and pay for two sessions?"

Looks around, ya I don't see why not...
"Okay, I can take pics outta this mag?"
"Well, as long as they are family oriented, sir"
"Yeah they are. They are not directed to children, but they are family oriented."
"Okay,,blah balah"
"Anyways, I'm just flabbergasted at this. I mean this makes absolutelty no sense to me at all. What do you care what my pictures are of, it's not like I'm gonna put "Furgit name a chick"'s Photos plastered across the front, so no one really knows who took the photos, not that they'de care, but why wouldn't ya make more money? Do you know of anywhere where I can go just give them money. Get my photos taken, and go?"
"Uh yeah sir, you can go to..."Some place in some other district..."
"I gotta go way the hell out there?"
"Is there someone I can talk to about this at least?"
"Sure sir, you can call my district manager."
As he's walking out, he notices a lab photo.
"Maybe they know where I can pay to get my pictures taken" he thinks.
Heeeeeeere we go again!
"Yada yada. I don't think any company would do that sir."
"What the hell is a matter with this stupid economy?"
"Who turns down money?"
"Why not have people comin in like crazy, gettin their photos taken instead a stumblin around the store tryna figure out how such a store of this calibre can't eve...

"Why are people so stupid? I hate it! I hate it!
On his way out he noticed the mall also had a photo lab. Maybe they could help, since when he asked where else he...Fuck this other crap now...(to be co't)

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