what are we here for?  

firstimecouple50 32M/31F
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1/28/2006 6:49 pm

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3/25/2006 3:11 pm

what are we here for?

here is a unique oportunity to have a 3 some with a model (me) that lives in the Raleigh area and I am interested in having a 3 some with my hubby and another man. If you fit the profile I am looking for I would be interested in having you join us in the near future. The room will be paid for all you have to do is get yourself there and dont forget your condoms. We will be meeting in a public place first and then heading to the room. These are the rules that apply if you are interested:

-This is for her pleasure then ours
-Follow the script unless she commands you to do something
-Do what she says if/when she commands it
-Have to be ok with having another naked man(me) in the room and that we will both be pleasing her at the same time
-Eat her out as much as you can that is what she wants
-If she wants you to fuck her she will tell you until then you are only allowed to eat her out make out with her suck on her tits kiss her body and get blow jobs
-Anything goes once she allows you to fuck her however she is in control if she says no then dont do it
-Vaginal/anal penitration has to be with a condom on
-Expected time of event 2-8hours
-This is a one time event an will not happen again
-Pictures and video can be taken of all parties you will not get copies of them
-She or i are not to be contacted again after the event

She wants to know penis size as well as have a full body picture of you if you intend to be included.

pureskillz211 33M
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3/11/2006 5:27 pm

Hey guys, it sounds like fun, im down if your still interested...

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