Then it was tomorrow.  

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7/31/2006 7:42 am

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Then it was tomorrow.

So Monday popped up bright and early and the first thing I noticed was my stiff neck. Vicodin I thought, and so I went for the aleve. I suppose had I had any Vicodin I probably would have had it with my breakfast. Things finally loosened up after about an hour and I am now able to sit in my little work chair and not work. Okay, so I am answering the phone and any other questions that may come my way, but overall, I am pretty much goofing around.

The weekend went so gd fast. Saturday was garden day and while I weeded, spaded, harvested and pruned I drank water like there was no next day. I think I must have consumed over 50 green beans right off the vine as well. And those little cherry tomatoes? Sooo much better than ye olde store bought veggies.

Sunday morning I was to go for a bike ride but the rain changed that into a cup of coffee. Once the weather cleared I ventured out and spun up north a bit to another coffee shop. (I should set up a pub crawl except to coffee shops - seem to be able to find them quite readily) Anyway, this cute little shop in Thiensville called Fiddleheads was where I found coffee # 2. Fiddleheads sits on the upper Milyukee river and has a nice variety of drinking stuff and a great place to sit and watch the water go by.

By the time I got home it was time to go and check out a new school for our son. We went to an open House at a Waldorf school on Brady street. Interesting curriculum. Other than running water they have no technology there. No computers at all. They don't even have text books as the child creates their own as the lessons are taught. It is a very hands on environment and the staff were more than accommodating. I really liked what I saw except for the tuition bill. Yikes!

So now I have to contemplate weather or not I have to rob a bank to send my son there or feed him back into the public system where he tends to get lost. Real bright kid who just has a hard time with things like grades, tests, and all of the other stressful nodes of contention associated with the standard means of education in todays public schools.

Okay, I am not bashing the public schools so much, as they are set up for the masses to succeed. I just think certain children and/or personalities are better taught in ways that are not so conventional.

So I will slug through this steamy Monday on this last day of July with thoughts of raising funds for educating my son and the fresh veggies I get to eat after I park my car at 5:30.

k1ss1000 47M/36F

7/31/2006 8:20 am

unfortunately, even though im only 25 myself i didnt learn much in the way of computers at school. In the world we live in now i feel it hinders people not to have a knowledge of technology so i can only imagine what it will be like in 10 years time! That school sounds great in an ideal world but the truth is it is not an ideal world. To give you an idea my son is 5 and has been using computers from 3 years old in nursery! I dont always agree with technology but it could alienate your son in the future once he leaves school if you send him to a place so unconventional. Sorry, am i preaching? Oh and i love cherry tomato's. I thought i would add that you seem to have a very scheduled life! .... I think you should do 1 spontaneous thing every week, just to add spice!

2daycowboywanted 45F

7/31/2006 8:47 am

Sounds as though you are having a typical Monday!!!

Better luck tomorrow!

Until later

firstflight6942 57M
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7/31/2006 9:11 am

Thanks for your thoughts. My son is quite active on the computer and his surfing skills are quite, well, frightening. He is fast becoming the lord of google. So while I am not to worried so much about what he learns, but more how it is taught. He is a very "hands on" type of guy. He can take a package of twist ties and tape and create things I don't think I would have, (or could have?) imagined. Last year he had 37 kids in his class and just got lost in the shuffle. He would be in a classroom with 18 other students and maybe receive that one on one attention that can be so very helpful.

Anyway, I really appreciate your advise, oh by the way. I am probably more spontaneous than it appears. While things are relatively scheduled I do just get up and do things just for the hellofit. Usually have a good time doing it too..

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