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9/11/2005 3:53 pm

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sympathetic memory

if I could take a bit
of sea salt and sprinkle
it across the shadowline
from a precipice that
granted me the sight of
a blazing sun

I'm sure I could watch it
flicker and flitter
shuffle and shake and
snatch up light from
the rays of
a blazing sun

and each crystal's lucent
and unblurred sanguine
emulation of unforeseen perfection

would souse in light drenched
as if to explode into
grand tender petals

of rose madder
alizarin crimson
purple indigo
cerulean and blue

and like dew drops
I'm sure they'd
glide and drop
gently on the breeze
to seek refuge on the
vibrant shining surface
of the sea only to be
shadowed by the light of
a blazing sun

and oh how my love for
you tightens and shrouds
my beating heart
as I slip and fall
deep into the sea -
caught in the light
of a blazing sun

(c) September 13, 2002, fc21

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