night of the dreamer (part 2)  

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9/11/2005 1:15 pm

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night of the dreamer (part 2)

I reworked a short piece I had written last week, developing it into a long poem.

night of the dreamer (part 2)

i'm in the mood for love

for dreaming about the most amazing woman

caught with a weightless
statuesque figure that floats
through my sleeping mind

i’m in the mood for smelling
her sweat dripping into a
pool that lies deep within
the center of my mind

for seeing her naked
body covered in soft warm light

for seeing her caress and explore
her curves ever so gently

for seeing the touch of her fingers as they slowly explore soft peachy skin

for seeing her fingers
explore the outline of
her breasts

for seeing her fingers
move down over her stomach

her hand moving over her belly
button and down through her pubes

and down over her legs as she
bends ever so slightly in
her stance to accomdoate her

her lips parting slightly
with soft warm light escaping

and she’s dancing ever so slightly

with a move and a shake to the hips in steady rhythm as if she was some erotic god of a far eastern dancer

and she moans a bit as her fingers move back up to find her pubes

and her right index finger pulsates on her clit, with her middle finger moving down a bit to explore the wet fleshy outer lips of her hot young pussy

she’s moving in and out

in and out

as the pressure on her clit grows and her hips continue to sway and shake to a steady rhythm of silent classical music in your mind until finally her hand escapes

wandering back up the body to find inside of her mouth

she sucks hard on her middle finger, her lips surrounding it completely until the finger slowly comes out of with a smack and slight pop of the lips

and with that smack and pop escapes a moan with the letter mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm escaping from her lips and out into the recesses your mind



reverberates through your body as if your body housed a deep canyon where the sun shines down on red rocks, making you shiver and shake in awe of the grandeur

and your hands tremble as your legs grow weak, and the grip of your hand on your hard cock loosens a bit as you colapse like a falling tree into bed and all you can do is start rubbing up against the sheets

the silk is so smooth on your cock and your legs feel the soft silk on your skin and the fine texture is almost enough to make you cum

and her long brunette hair flows down over your body

it flows down like a river over the back of your head as she rides you from behind

her hands massaging your back as you fuck the sheets and moan

all the while your hands run down over your crotch and through the soft warm curls of your pubes and down over your testicles too as she reaches down massaging your back from behind

and every now and then her head
comes down and she kisses
the nape of your neck,
behind your ears

she sucks and gnaws
and levitates over your body

she runs her fingers
through your hair and
you feel her pubes
rubbing against your
arse as she

straddles you and rubs against you and the rubbing, oh how it is so hot

creating a friction that is so hot

so wet and so tight as the gentle hum of the fan in the corner cools the both of you, mixing with your own moans and hot groans

the wanting of each other filling the air with a thick invisible fog

forming an overwhelmingly exciting aura of goose-bumps on the skin as you rub and create more and more heat

and the cooling of the heating
by the fan makes the moment last longer

as she moans louder and louder as finally she turns you around to go down on you, to suck you off aggressively and oh so selfishly as finally you cum load after load into her mouth and into your hands as your mind grows dark and she floats up and away towards the ceiling, becoming lighter and lighter

disappearing into air

becoming nothing more than memory

and you simply
drift asleep to
return to the rain
and the dream

(c) September 1, 2005, fc21

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