Quote of the Week: Monday, September 5, 2005  

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Quote of the Week: Monday, September 5, 2005

I maintain another blog as part of my personal website. Although, it doesn't get as steamy as my AdultFriendFinder blog, once a week I do post a "quote of the week," which is some interesting quote I've dug up from the reading I've done that week. From now on, I'm going to post them here when I post them out there. Here's this weeks selection:

"In writing the poem I make the connection, find the neural pathways to a deeply felt memory-generated emotion. That is how I know it is the Truth (not to be mistaken by the Fact). Once I have located the Truth, I have the Subject. Not the triggering subject, but the Thing that I must use as the basis of my essay or story. It is not that the poem and the prose are the same Thing, only that they come from the same source. I use this technique in order to answer the all-important question I must ask before I commit my time, my energies, and my heart to a writing project: Is it worth part of my life? Who cares if I make this poem or story? If I am passionate enough about something to write a poem, then it is worth my time and no one else needs to care about it. It is necessary to me." - Judith Ortiz Cofer, from her essay "But Tell It Slant: From Poetry to Prose and Back Again"

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9/9/2005 11:32 am

That's the thing about creating a poem. You can put your heart into it or it could be some words you thought sounded good. I like to do both honestly. There are times I just wanted to play the rhymming (I know..I spelled it wrong) game and came up with something cute. So...I don't care whether or not it is worth my time...just that I get my mind occupied. Later, after writting one piece, I can look back and reread it...and just might get inspired to write something better. I like what I read on this blog and hope to continue reading.


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