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Standing contrapposto, I stare at myself in the mirror and gently smile.

The music on the radio fades in and out from a static to a strong signal as if each shift of my body entire affects its clarity.

The day has been long and bleak, it's only positive occurring earlier when I got drunk and had such a wild time on the dance floor.

And as I stare at myself, thoughts wander in and out of the many possibilities regarding what the night has and will bring.

I run both of my hands through my hair to the back of my head, and then slowly down over my bearded face, and breathe deeply as I continue to stare at myself in the mirror.

Bent upward, my arms are long and slender, as my fingers shiver slightly near the quiver of my mouth. Bent upward, almost in a position for praying and at 24, I feel so young and yet so old at the same time. But the assuredness of my gentle smile has gone and I sigh as I reach over to my nightstand to turn the radio off.

I pick up a glass of water that has sat there since the morning and I sip its watery warm content. I hold onto the glass in both my hands, and my chin rests on the rim of the glass, as I continue to stare at myself in the mirror. And I'm not even sure what it is exactly that I'm looking at.

I'm standing here, in my tight blue jeans, a t-shirt and socks. In my left front pocket is a wallet, and in my right front pocket sit my keys. I put the glass down and realize once again that I'm lost and alone. So I take the keys and wallet out and flop them onto the nightstand next to the half empty glass. Overall, I'm somewhat dazed and confused by thoughts and ideas that have consume and float around me.

The cool air of the room nibbles at my being as I lift my t-shirt up over my head and let it fall to the floor. I stare at my chest and run my fingers through its hair, feeling my nipples and rubbing down over my belly and then up again.

I kiss the fingers of my left hand as they come up over my mouth again, and I become still, standing contrapposto, staring into the mirror.

And I breathe deeply.

After awhile I undo my belt and unbutton my jeans, sliding them off each leg, one by one, pulling the socks off with them and letting them land somewhere near the shirt.

And now I stand almost naked, in my white Stanfield underwear, staring into that mirror that is before me on the doors to my closet.

Clearly visible beneath my underwear stands my hardened cock. I take a deep breath and let it slowly glide out of me from the very depths of my soul.

My hands they run down and glide beneath my underwear, through the thick dark pubes that encapsulate and surround my penis and testicles.

I shiver and slightly moan as my right hand grips hard onto my cock and rubs it slowly and completely.

I pull my underwear off down over my legs so I can kick it aside. Now completely naked, I allow myself to fall back into my bed. I stare up at the ceiling as my hands run all over my chest and down over my fucking hard cock and my soft, florid balls.

In ecstasy I doth roll over and begin to rub up against my sheets in a slow and steady rhythm. I'm so hard, all seven inches of me and I kiss Jonathan deeply, and I feel his hands running through my hair and down over my back, clenching my ass as I rub my hard cock up against his hard seven and a half inch piece of manhood.

We're completely naked and we kiss so deeply and our tongues lap madly off one another's as we moan and groan and roll around in bed in this deep and forbidden ecstasy. And I can't believe I'm here, with him. We enjoy each other so much and oh God, Jon's so hot -- he makes me so hard.

Jon pulls back from my lips and slowly moves down my chest, exploring every inch of my chest and my nipples with his tongue and soft kisses. He spends time on them as his hands explore me and then so gently, he jerks me off, feeling every inch of my cock and balls with his strong hands, and slowly his tongue moves down to suck and swallow and slowly he smiles at me from across the room while I dance on the dance floor with Sara.

The music is fast paced and loud and the room is crowded, as this particular nightclub always is on a Saturday night. I've caught this young man's glance earlier on and ever since we've been eyeing each other.

The dancing is frenzied and wild, and the drinks I've had are going to my head and the sensation of being flows throughout my body and out into the tips of my fingers.

Sweat slightly forms on my brow as I dance and then just I stop at the end of this particular song. Its ending is abrupt, and right away another fast paced song begins and I just stand still a moment and smile softly at Sara, giving her that glance that says I'm heading to the side now: no more dancing for me.

And so I leave her and head in the direction of him. Our eyes have met and are fixed on each other as I confidently inch my way through the crowd towards him and the bar he leans against.

He's already ordered me a drink and he hands it to me as we say hello, and shout to each other over the music and the crowd. After a few dances with him it doesn't take long before we're walking together along the street just laughing and joking and enjoying the lust of each other's company. His name is Jonathan.

He's of an average height, about five foot eleven, and he's 23 years old. His dirty blonde hair is cut short and he has the most amazing smile and the most amazing blue eyes. It's our first night enjoying each other's company and we're strolling back to his place, for a nightcap and maybe something more.

By 11:59 we're finally at his place and after some more chitchat, we're sitting on the couch. His place is small but comfy, and as the music plays softly, we lean into each other and kiss passionately for the first time.

It's deep and fluid, as our lust jumps from our lips and overflows into each other's bodies and combines into a wonderfully erotic mood. I feel his tongue lapping against mine and his hands they run through my hair and down my back. We embrace each other completely.

And as we kiss, we slowly begin to undress each other, and I can't help but think how I want his hard cock in my mouth; and about how I want to taste him shooting his load deep into my mouth ‒ how I'd swallow it down so willingly.

And how I'd love to slide my manhood up his lubed ass, as my hands run down along his back and around front to jerk him off some more. And then I'd cum too, and in fact, I do, as I'm so hard and the feeling in my body is just so amazingly intense.

I cum all over my right hand as I wildly rub up against it. I'm all alone, just masturbating in my bed, in my room, over this hot guy I'd seen out there on the dance floor earlier that night. And as I finish cumming, I breathe deeply and slowly, and gently fall asleep, just dreaming of him.

(c) October 7, 2002, fc21

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