What's in a name?  

firestarter665 42M/39F
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4/16/2006 4:44 pm

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4/22/2006 9:31 am

What's in a name?

Maybe it is just me, but I enjoy when I get to e mail fellow bloggers and find out thier real names. I only know a few names of people. But now when I look at thier blogs I can see more of a person than just a profile name. I feel special and honored that I know some of your names. It makes things so much more personal. Most of the regulars that I visit or that visit me I consider my friends, but knowing some names makes it feel like an actual everyday friendship.

It is far and few between that someone posts with thier actual name and some sign with the first letter of thier name. When someone leaves the first letter of thier name I often sit and think of what the name may be. If someone leaves a first name I wonder if it is a real name or an online name. People like me who use thier profile name, I do wonder what the real names are.

What do you feel when you learn the name of a fellow blogger?

Do you think about peoples names at all?

Do you wonder what my name is?


libgemOH 56M/52F

4/16/2006 4:57 pm

A? I know your name!!!! And you know why I sign everything with a -B!!! I agree with you about learning the real names and whenever I get an email from a blogger, I put it in my saves so I can actually REMEMBER what the name is!! -B (and A knows what that means!!)

firestarter665 replies on 4/16/2006 5:17 pm:
You are so silly B. Luv ya girl!

(What the fuck is this shit..?? *rolls eyes*)

4/16/2006 7:42 pm

Privileged guess that would say it best...No not really cause I think we can be freer to be ourselves here and I like the Mystery of peoples handles...Ready


firestarter665 replies on 4/17/2006 4:02 am:
I never thought about the mystery of it. I think that it is kind of neat when you know someone's name and still use thier handle when blogging. But that's just me.

rm_hippy6663 65M

4/16/2006 9:09 pm

I wanted to go by my real name when I came onto AdultFriendFinder but they said it was taken. So I made one up no big deal its only a first name but makes you think is it real or made up? Thanks Tommy

firestarter665 replies on 4/17/2006 4:03 am:
Thanks for stopping by my blog Tommy.

tillerbabe 56F

4/17/2006 1:28 am

Tell us! You tease!

firestarter665 replies on 4/17/2006 4:04 am:
You have to guess.

PassionKisses4Me 44F

4/17/2006 3:17 am

I thinking knowing some ones real name does make it more personal and real...plus it's just really cool to know a person's name



firestarter665 replies on 4/17/2006 5:41 pm:
I agree!

mycin62 54F

4/17/2006 5:19 am

I like knowing people's real name. I usually sign with Cin a shortened version and nickname for my name.


firestarter665 replies on 4/17/2006 5:42 pm:
Since you showed me yours I will e mail you mine.

caressmewell 53F

4/17/2006 6:04 am

It is fun to know names and it does make it a bit more personal.

firestarter665 replies on 4/17/2006 5:42 pm:
So true.

pragmaticCTcpl 61M/50F

4/17/2006 8:31 am

Yeah...I do wonder. I think your name is Angel. Cause you are soooooooo sweet and every "Mr. Fire" needs one on their shoulder.

firestarter665 replies on 4/17/2006 5:43 pm:
You are too sweet!!

crazygurl2xx 57F

4/17/2006 6:48 pm

i am horrible with names and rarely share my real name. when i get to know someone's real name i feel like i know them better and on the few occaisions i have shared my real name i feel naked.

sassybelle21 32F
13313 posts
4/17/2006 7:18 pm

Hmm... I can email you my name I always assign names to people till I know their real names. When I first got to know my online gal pal Kellie (she's not on AdultFriendFinder), I used to think that she looks like somebody who's ought to have the name Gwyn

firestarter665 replies on 4/18/2006 5:39 pm:
I would love to know what name i was assigned!!


4/17/2006 9:11 pm

LMAO, I know your name and you know mine. But really, I do not have a problem with someone knowing my name. I think I have signed a post or two with my name on it.
When I learned your name, I was like "Damn she don't seem like an A" My sis inlaw has the same name as you and she is a BITCH!

And if I seen my fellow bloggers face to face, I would have a problem not callin them by thier handle. lol


firestarter665 replies on 4/18/2006 5:40 pm:
I would probably call a fellow blogger thier handle face to face too!!

Good to know that I put new meaning to what my name is.

rm_DarknStar 54F
2823 posts
4/18/2006 1:53 pm

Yes theres times, when I wonder what all of you guys real names are! But then again I dont give mine out to easily!


firestarter665 replies on 4/18/2006 5:42 pm:
I don't give mine out too easily either.

SpaceRangerNJ 55M
4687 posts
4/19/2006 4:18 pm

I like to send my face picture, since it's not on my profile, and sign with my name. It does make it all more real. And it lets people know you are for real. I especially make sure my blogging friends know who I am. They are a special community and I like to consider them my friends.

Still signing, though, with just an

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