The saga of elysianpleasure  

firestarter665 42M/39F
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6/23/2006 9:47 am

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6/30/2006 4:53 pm

The saga of elysianpleasure

Our dear friend [photo elysianpleasure} is pregnant!!! He needs your help finding who the father/mother is.

Here is some reading material for you. You be the judge on how he got pregnant and by who.

[post 396743]
[post 398488]
[post 399136]
[post 397578]
[post 398324]

If you have any links to post, feel free to add them.

Happy Hunting!

MaggiesWishes 59F

6/23/2006 10:20 am

I'm trying to get all the "possible" candidates at the clinic for testing ... if you come across anymore ... send them to the clinic.


Nurse Maggie, DON (Diva of Naughtiness)

(What the fuck is this shit..?? *rolls eyes*)

6/23/2006 10:21 am

O.K. I confess it was me but it WAS Lusty's strap on....How the hell did that happen any ways....Oh well babys happen....Ready


Kaliedascope61 41M
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6/23/2006 10:26 am

It was saintlianna, I know it was!

SpaceRangerNJ 55M
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6/23/2006 10:27 am

I think it's a plot by the Govenator. Arnold is just mad that he was the only man prior to this to be pregnanat.


6/23/2006 12:38 pm

lmao..need to stock up on soda crackers for the poor man... will check it out

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southrnpeach333 50F

6/23/2006 3:26 pm

i am hearing that it might be twins.

leegs55 54M

6/24/2006 12:39 am

can't be real..

elysianpleasure 47M

6/29/2006 10:04 pm

Too cool... how did I miss seeing this earlier... lol

Nice photoshop work too...

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