The Need  

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1/6/2006 7:40 am

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The Need

The four of us meet for drinks. Oh, how we really hit it off. The conversation is great and the mood is perfect. We head back to our place and before we walk through the door, she an I kiss. Our husbands stare, for they thought nothing was going to happen this evening. We head inside, and as she and I kiss, our husbands start to fondle us. They take off our shirts and bras and now our bare skin is touching. The feeling is beautiful. I lean down to gently kiss her breasts and feel my husbands arousal behind me. I turn to him and unzip his pants. I have never seen him so hard before. As I go down on him, she does the same to her husband. After our husbands are satisfied, we shed the rest of our clothing. I turn to her and guide her legs open. I gently lick her. Her husband stays nearby and rubs her breasts, while my husband rubs his fingers between my legs. How amazing evrything feels. As I insert my fingers into her she climaxes and tells me it is my turn. As she goes down on me, her husband decides to have her from behind. Seeing as I am occupied, my husband guides my head to his erection and I suck him like never before. I cannot hold out anymore, and have the largest orgasm I have ever felt. As her husband continues to have her, I bend over for my own husband. She and I are getting puonded and watching each other. Both men are starting to have thier own orgasms and pull out. She and I go to our husbands and finish them off with blow jobs. We lay in exhaustion, but a few minutes later go for another round...

rm_otherone69 54M
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1/16/2006 3:57 am

Sounds like great fun. Really hot story, firestarter.
Thank you for sharing. Would luv to hear more.

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