The Beautiful People  

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1/5/2006 7:30 am

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The Beautiful People

I read a friends blog yesterday and there was a comment in there that got me thinking yet again. It had said something about this site being full of the usual beautiful people. I am assuming that the comment was geared towards the size 4 women with big breasts and the men who you can tell work out everyday.

What makes a person beautiful? Here is what I think. A person's beauty does come from within. Someone who is confident in themselves and shows it is beautiful. Someone who enjoys life and doesn't let life get them down is beautiful.

Of course looks do play a role in relationships and everyone is different in what they are looking for. But, should we really refer to the model type people as the beautiful people? Maybe they are good looking, but they can be ugly on the inside. You never know.

Good luck in your searches and finding someone who is beautiful to you!

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