worst pick up line ever  

firecrotch32 45F  
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5/19/2005 8:38 pm

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11/29/2009 10:12 pm

worst pick up line ever

What is the worst pick up line you have ever heard? the other nite in a chatroom here i think i have witnessed what has to be by far and away the worst pickup line i have ever heard. thank god it wasn't actually addressed to me but another girl in the room. his post was..and i quote..."hey sexy, you are so hot...i want to massage your meat curtains" now is it just me or does anyone seriously think a girl would take kindly to her pussy lips being referred to as meat curtains? i should have known the guy was a moron when upon entering the chatroom the 1st words out of his mouth were "hey ladies, which one of you girls think you can get rid of my hardon the fastest?" being the smartass that i am i felt the need to reply to that statement with "is that a challenge to gross u out? if so here is my submission: picture your grandma naked with peanut butter smeared all over her cooch and the family dog licking it up. so, do i win? is your hardon gone?"....smirk

rm_jayR63 59F
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5/19/2005 9:07 pm

This is the type of behavoir that has given rise to the popular phrase "men are idiots"

ByteChaser2 53M

5/19/2005 9:43 pm

Yeah... we all think with the "little" head... My appologies - for the entire population of the male of the species...

1playfulgal 39F
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5/19/2005 11:11 pm

sounds like something i would have said...good job...

LordsBitedStood 64M
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5/20/2005 3:24 pm

Well, I as Bytechaser must apologize for the male species out there that have not grown up or at least figured out how to talk to a woman. If that is his idea of seduction then I know why he has a hardon all alone at home. I think though the reply you gave was most appropriate and should have won hands down, LOL. That was a vision that hit me so hard I don't think I could acheive one right now until I quit rolling on the floor laughing. Extremely funny and very well thought out. Good for you and hope you have a wonderful; weekend.

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rm_4nik8_4u 61M
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5/23/2005 12:25 pm

I think I would have answered "Axe or machete? take your pick!"

EroticallyRapt 55M
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5/27/2005 4:05 pm

I won't apologize for him...I'm a member of a different species... At least that's what it feels like when I hear about men who act that way! My first reaction to it would have been something along the lines of what [blog 4nik8_4u] said. But, I love the comeback that you used! Damn, that was a good one!! ER

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