Who Doesn't Like The 4th?  

fingerlickin_69 42M
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7/1/2006 11:27 am
Who Doesn't Like The 4th?

I mean, really? Taste of Chicago with all the good eats? Party weekend? Blowing shit up? What's not to love? See, you've got the touchy-feely holidays like Turkey Day and X-mas, which are good and all. Always an excuse to hang with the folks, see my brothers (sister's still self-imposed MIA, though), see my niece and nephew. That's all fine and good, but I still like the holidays that are all about the good time! Yes, it's true, I'm even a fan of New Year's Eve (even though it's amateur night).

I think, however, especially in the times we're in now, it IS important to remember why we celebrate this particular holiday. Regardless of your feelings of the war that is going on right now, please take a moment to send your thoughts out to the boys in the desert, putting their lives on the line for freedom and independence all over again. I plan to spend the day looking through the requests for donations to Vet assistance foundations, and doing some research on the web to see if any of them are reputable enough to contribute what little I can. Then it's off to the bar!

Have a great Fourth!

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