The Night You Came Over (Redux)  

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7/9/2006 8:41 pm
The Night You Came Over (Redux)

I've been a regular at Gene's, the bar on the corner, for over a year now. Sometimes I see you there, sitting at the bar chatting with Manuel (the current owner), or throwing darts with the regulars. Sometimes I see you bent over the pool table trying to shoot a tough 3-4 combination shot, that you shoot with the utmost confidence that this time you'll make it. Sometimes I don't see you there at all, and while I still have a good time, there's a sense of loss when you're not there.

Tonight was different. You and I have exchanged maybe 7 or 8 words in the past year, mostly when I say, "excuse me" as I make my way to the restroom. Tonight my friends left a bit early, and maybe it was the short pink dress you were wearing, but I stayed at the bar, ordering Harps by the pint, wondering what was so different about tonight.

I was there for maybe 2 hours before I saw it. You weren't shooting pool, nothing that obvious. It was when you came to the bar to order a drink. Believe it or not, I saw you put that empty glass next to your elbow, right before you reached for your purse and graze it just enough to make it plummet to the floor. I watched you as you said, "Oh my!", then bend over, leaning on the empty stool next to me, and go through the motions of trying to pick up the shards of glass on the floor. I knew you were waiting for me, but I paused just as long as you wanted me to, to see that your pink dress had pulled up just enough to show me that you had no panties one underneath. The combination of shock and exhilaration caused me to linger just long enough for you to turn your head to the side, and ask me with your eyes, "Where are you, baby?" Before some modicom of chivalry finally kicked in and I sprang to my feet.

I took you by the hand, and guided you back up to the stool. I took a napkin and picked up only the largest pieces of glass from the floor, not wanting to lose the look in your eyes. I was enthralled by the way you had your hair up tonight, but only in a barret, letting your long blonde hair just graze your bare shoulders over the pink straps of your dress. I put them on the bar, and take a step toward you. I took note of the fact that you did not recoil at all as I stepped in between your legs as they straddled the stool. "Are you alright?" I asked. You said nothing. You turned your eyes up to me, at the same time that you abashedly tilted your head down, not believing yourself that tonight was going to be the night.

Manuel knows better than to interfere. He begins to come around the bar with a towel in hand, then shies away as I take another step towards you. My hand lightly rests on your shoulder, feeling the heat of your body rising out like a volcano spring. It turns from a rest to a grasp, and guide you up, take your hand, and lead you to the far booth in the corner. I feel you walk slowly, making sure that I bump into you from behind, and it pays off. You can feel the bulge in my pants through the tight, pink dress you've chosen for the evening.

I let you sit first, then take the seat next to you, staring into your eyes as you conciously do not pull down your dress that has ridden up on the vinyl booth seat. I am about to offer to buy you a drink when your eyes say no, and I realize that your arm is around my back, and mine has fallen into your lap. I lean in to kiss you, but you pull away sharply, instead placing your hand on mine, and moving it to your thigh, exposed now under the table. I can't help but marvel at how smooth your skin is, how soft, as I slowly caress the inside of your thigh. Instead of closing your eyes, shutting me out, you seem to pull me closer to you by look alone. My hand does not take much guidance to move up your thigh, until I can feel the soft bulge of your labia.

I risk moving my other hand...up to the curve of your left breast. I have to feel it in my hand, like that will somehow make it all real for me! I feel where it is soft and supple, then find what I am looking for...your nipple, erect as my penis. I run my fingerin a lazy circle around it, mostly trying to distract you from the fact that I want to feel your convince myself that you are as ready as I am. I am not disappointed. My fingers between your legs graze gently over your pussy, only to find that you are already wet from the inside out. I can feel my cock throb a single time beneath my slacks, as I remove my hand and lick you off of my fingers. Wanting more, I return my hand, and feel as you press your hips forward against it, desperately wanting me, any part of me, inside you. I cannot help but oblige, sliding my finger in between your lips, and feeling a gush of wetness the likes of which I have never felt.

I don't remember the walk to my place, but I remember being more thankful than ever that I live on the next block. I remember the look in your eyes as you walked through my door, backwards, taking me by both hands. You seemed to sense when the bed was behind you, as you lowered one hand to my cock, squeezing it to convince yourself that it was going to be yours, at least for tonight. You sit on the bed, and with your other hand undo both my belt and my pants.

"Wait," I say. "Wait, I have..." You just smile up at me, "'s okay. I know...I found your profile. I've got it, too."

You reach your hand into my boxers, and pull out my swollen, throbbing cock. As you lean in, I can feel your hot breath on my tip. You move your head up and down, two, maybe three times and wrap your hand around me, ever so slightly feeling up and down my shaft. I push my hips forward, aching to feel your mouth wrap around me. You move your head back almost enough, but not quite, as the tip of my cock touches to your glossy lips. Instead of recoiling, your lips part, and I look down to see my head disappear into your mouth. Shortly after, I feel the first flick of your tongue across the tip. I can already feel the first wave of precum drip out of me, and I can feel you instinctively begin to suck my cock, swallowing. As if that spurs you into action, you move your head forward, taking half my cock into your mouth at once, then slowly pulling back, leaving my shaft glistening from your saliva.

I want to tell you to suck me, to suck me dry, to take my cock deep into your mouth..."Gnaaaa..." is all I am able to say, as you take me into your mouth again...then again. I run the fingers of both hands into your beautiful blonde hair, letting them come to rest on the back of your head, and beginning to push my cock into your eager mouth. With your hand you are pumping my shaft, the only thing in your mind to empty my balls of all the cum I can muster. In sync, I thrust forward while you take my stiff member all the way into your mouth. I can feel the head as it slides easily down your throat, and I can feel your lips against my balls with every push. You reach around with both hands and grab hold of my ass, pulling my cock deeper and deeper into your mouth, until I can almost hold on no longer. You take me in once more, when I realize that you are forcing a finger into my ass...deep!...and my throbbing cock unloads my cum down your throat. My body shudders with every spurt, and you keep me in your mouth so I can feel each time you swallow my semen. You finally pull away, sucking my shaft as you do to make sure you have not missed a drop, and lie back on the bed.

I strip quickly, and lie next to you. Amazingly, you sweep your leg over me, and immediately press your pussy onto my mouth. I open up at once, finally able to taste your wetness as it oozes out. I push open your lips with my tongue and open wide, wanting to suck you until you squirm. I run my tongue up and down along your pussy, until I find your engorged clit. I take it into my mouth, and hold it in place with my teeth, running my tongue in circles around it...wanting to do anything to give me more of your sweet juices. I am so focused on your bare pussy, I almost don't realize that you have taken my still half-erect penis into your mouth again. You make it spring to life, becoming hard almost instantly, as you bob your head up and down on me.

I reach up with one hand, knowing that I want you to cum, and press two fingers against the opening of your pussy. When the time is right, I know they will enter you without resistance, but for now I only want you to know that they are there...what you will be getting...soon...I continue nursing your clit, first moving my tongue up and down on it, then side to side, my other hand reaching around you and pulling to towards me. I can feel your pussy dripping on my chin, my face, and most importantly into my mouth, and I swallow whatever I can get. I can hardly feel you as you take my cock out, opting instead to jack me off while you entertain my balls. I don't know why I shaved them today, but it pays off! I feel your tongue sliding in between them, then I lurch forward when you take one of my balls into your mouth. It only makes me more eager to get you off, and I push my tongue into you, lapping inside you like a dog at a water bowl. Finally, I feel you push down, and I thrust both fingers into your waiting pussy. The response is immediate. There is no time for gentleness...I finger fuck you...hard! I can feel you pushing against my hand with every entry...I can feel you juice all over my fingers...and instead of sucking on my ball, you just hover your mouth over them, letting your spittle leak out onto me as you begin to moan.

"Oooh....uh...oohh....oooohh!!!" I hear you cry, and I thrust harder, burying first two fingers, then three deep inside you. You rock back and forth over me, taking them in willingly. I want...I NEED to make you cum for me, I tell you. "C'mon, c'mon baby...cum for me baby..." Finally, I hear you cry out, and a torrent of pussy juice washes over me. It is the most spectacular thing I have ever seen, felt, tasted. I wrap my mouth around your pussy and drink deeply, savoring every drop. My fingers inside you can feel your muscles twitching, and it does not stop! You convulse on top of me, crying out, "Yes! Oh my god yes! Eat me! Eat my pussy!" And I do.

I don't remove my mouth from you until you have all but collapsed on top of me. I'm not sure how long your orgasm lasted, or even if it ever stopped, because you roll over to the other side of the bed. I wonder if you're leaving, leaving me here with a raging hard-on that feels like the Washington Memorial. Knowingly, you open up my nightstand drawer, and pull out a bottle of KY. "I told you," you say, "I saw your profile. I know what you want!" And you hand the bottle to me, propping yourself up on all fours.

I do not need to be told twice. I open the bottle, and pour liberal amounts of it on my member, not caring where I spill it. We have gone beyond the magic of the moment, and stepped squarely into animal instinct. Next it is your turn. You keep your head turned towards me, looking directly into my eyes and I lube up my fingers, and slowly push them against your ass. You nod slightly, and I push them into you. You let out a small, sharp cry, then I feel you relax around my fingers, letting your ass open up to me. I let my fingers slide into you only two, maybe three times before I cannot take it. On my knees behind you, I press the length of my shaft in between your ass cheeks, letting you feel how hard you make me, and keep me. I then pull apart your cheeks, and push my entire cock into it up to the balls. It is my turn to cry out, feeling your tight ass around my cock, and seeing as you continue to stare at me, now smiling just a little.

Your ass is not enough for me, I need to be close to the rest of you, so with out pulling out I reach around you, and pull you up so your back is against my chest, and you are on your knees. I feel your nipples, hard, as I whisper into your ear. "Tell me you want it. Tell me you want me to fuck you in the ass." "I do," you reply. "I said, 'Tell me.'" "O god, oh I want to feel your cock humping my ass. I want to feel your thick cock in my ass. Do it, do it now!" And I begin, I pull back and start slamming my full length into your ass...the sensation is unbelieveable! The lube does it's job as I enter you again...and again...and again. I can feel everything...your cheeks slapping against my hands on your firm breasts...your breathing getting heavier...your arm that reaches back and pushes against the back of my neck...your other hand, grasping your hair above you...and ooooh the warmth of your ass along my aching cock. "More...please..." you manage to say, and I realize that you are about to cum. I reach down with a hand, and not unexpectantly find your pussy wetter than ever. I rub your clit between two fingers as I continue to ravish your ass...pushing and shoving my cock deep into you. "Please...please me...please..." I cannot hold out any longer, though I don't have the strength, I fuck your asshole ever harder and faster, until finally my throbbing cock begins pumping out cum up into your ass. I cannot stop, I keep thrusting into you, finally feeling your muscles contract again, and now we both cry out. What started as an incredible orgasm before now is nothing I have ever felt before. I continue to spurt cum inside you, your ass tightening around my slick cock, until my balls feel like they have been had at by a cum vampire.

We both fall forward, my cock still in your ass, and we lie there, panting for I don't know how long. After a while, as we regain our senses, I cannot think of anything to way to thank you, no way to ask if you want a drink. I blurt out, "So, are you on the pill?" You stare for a moment, then begin to snicker, "Why? We just practiced safe sex, didn't we?" We both laugh at that, then I, still smiling, ask, "Well, what about next time?"

"Ah, yes," you say with an evil little grin, "next time..."

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