My Favorite Things  

fingerlickin_69 42M
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6/11/2006 1:04 am
My Favorite Things

Boy! I am so incredibly excited right now! I did an AdultFriendFinder search for local girls who are looking for exactly what I'm looking for. Someone who is fun, easy-going, independent, sexy, honest, unattached. Lo and behold! I got almost 1,000 hits! Wow!

So I immediately began reading the profiles (yes, I read the entire profile, I'm a geek). Hundreds of them are Cupid matches! Great!

I start sending emails, taking the time to make sure that the receiver of each one knows that I'm not cutting and pasting; to tailor each response to the profile, regardless of how much or little information is provided.

Poof! Reality. All that time and effort has turned out to be wasted, because I think MAYBE of all those emails, 4 women turned out to be real. The rest: "Hi! Read your profile and you sound great! Send me your addy and we can fuck."

I guess in my list of wants, I should have included "breathing."

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