Are Spammers And Bots Real Life In Disguise?  

fingerlickin_69 42M
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7/8/2006 12:22 am
Are Spammers And Bots Real Life In Disguise?

My magic 8-ball says, "sources say yes." How many of us, whether in bars, a casino, a restaurant, hell even a PTA meeting, show who we really are? I know I don't, though I wish I could say I did. You know they have these shleps responding to emails with a "personal" touch, now? I sent an email to a girl I thought was interesting from her profile (no pic, of course), and I asked her to make sure to mention my condition in her response to let me know she was okay with it. I then attached my profile (which makes it very clear that I have herpes. "Her" response: "Gee, I have no idea what your condition is? Can it be cured? Email me at blahblah dot com and we'll chat." How stupid do these assholes think we are? Needless to say, I reported "it" to the powers that be at AdultFriendFinder.

But it got me thinking, how different is that from everyday life? How many times have you met someone that you thought was interesting, only to find out they are a complete dunce? The sad thing is that I thought I was paying for the privilege of finding people with similar interests as me, with similar relationship goals. Instead, I find the same horseshit that I could find in any bar on the North Side. If Big Brother is listening, pay attention. I did not join this site to hand out my email to pieces of shit like that! And I can assure you that if I get any more spammer responses, you will lose my money!

Whew. I must apologize to my Loyal Readers (all 3 of them). It is just beyond me how spammers think so low of people that we would fall for something so incredibly stupid! It's like the spam I get on my email. The subjects and "from" fields have some outright obscene things in there, but they break it up with apostrophes, thinking, well maybe THEN I'll read it. Hey assholes! Either I will read it or not! Putting punctuation in the goddam subject will not make me read your website, or even open the email! Give it up already! There's no point in defeating my filters just to have your mesage erased!

Again, my apologies. I've said it before, and I will say it now: you just have to go nuts once in a while. It keeps you sane.

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