be prepared, i am not sure what you may find here.  

finetunedpleasur 45M
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5/25/2006 9:06 pm

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5/26/2006 2:43 pm

be prepared, i am not sure what you may find here.

I am putting out the disclaimer now, the spelling, diction, and overall content of this blog does not neccessarilly(see) refect the fact that i have adult A.D.D., but it is a good indicator. Now on to bigger and brighter things. First, i just have to bust on the very site that gives me the opportunity to write this. Ladies, let me ask all of you this, do you really look for guys on here, or is it an outlet for voyerism. I am not complaining, but i am sure that their are at least a few of us who really like to find like minded people who are looking for sex, and not just sending out an invite or two, just to be blown off on the internet, but i guess that is the beauty of it.

Now i am not going to spew politics, or rant about policy, or make fun of every incompitent beaurocrat that parades out in front of the camera to regurgitate some worn out P.C. blah blsh blsh, that deep down inside we all know in blah blah blah. and really wish he or she would just shut the blah blah blah uo!!!!

o.K. what do i really want to talk about, not sure, it seems that most blogs are about one person writing a bunch of nonsense about their day, or boss, or husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, boyfriends girlfriend, girlfriend whos other boyfriend's girlfriend's sister's boyfriend's blah blah blah.......

i want to take another approach, i want to create a blog of answers. i know it sounds silly, but what better way to meet and understand who i am, and see that i don't know alot about one subject, but i don;t know a little about many subjects......but i sure can give you answers from the world according to me.....

So let me have it, give me your best questions and let's see how far from anything relevant i truly am. And maybe you may find out a little more about me without actually having to send me an email. could be cool, guarantee it will be funny, and it may actually have some sort of intelligent thought, although i doubt it.

Until we talk again.
take care

angelofmercy5 58F
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5/26/2006 12:26 pm

Welcome to the blogs! I'm having a sleepover at my blog....wanna cum?

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