365 Brightener Days Ahead.I hope, Oh God, I hope.  

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12/5/2005 6:47 am

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365 Brightener Days Ahead.I hope, Oh God, I hope.

As I wake up, wondering what is the days going to be like ahead,
of this crazy world I live in.
I shouldn't care are even ask why, it was just a stump in my path that I tripped on. Oh how it hurts.Such unpleasant a pain that I feel. Will it not heal so fast. What was I thinking.

Thats right! I thought things out with my heart.
I look down that Path this morning, thinking maybe its gone. Well! no its still there, and Oh God a lot bigger, now the pain is more then I can stand. What do I do? As I look at it, its calling me to come closer.I will not harm you. Let me in.
I give in. I start down the path to get closer, but then I stop.Something is thrown at me. Hey! Look see that stump in your past is spreading out to reach more than your path. I turn to run, but I feel something grab me. Please I want to love and with you. I must head back to protect myself.

I'm looking and thinking, how can I can get it out of my path.It must go, and never come back.
When will the pain go away.How can I remove it. How many days! must I feel this pain. The pain is more then I can stand.When will I smile again.
Why did I put this stump there Why? I have no reason to tell, it felt right.I thought with my heart, it made me smile. Now I cry. Maybe one day I can walk around that stump or even move it, but until then. I'll protect myself.

I'm scared, I see it, it still blocks my path.
One day when I wake. The day will be bright. I will know that my path is clear and I can move on.

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