Score 0 on the Free Preview Game, But I Win  

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6/4/2005 6:51 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Score 0 on the Free Preview Game, But I Win

If anybody from AdultFriendFinder came to see me at my finest today, I don't think they came to talk to me. It wasn't that busy and the couple of dozen who came to see me never gave me any impression they had anything to do with AdultFriendFinder.

That being said, though, there were a bunch of others who tried out some treadmills and such who I went around to chat up. Regardless of either group, most of them were women and they were reasonably hot, clearly taking care of themselves physically running or other means. Some had their kids there, others were on their own, married or single. But you know, I didn't need an AdultFriendFinder fantasy to salivate over some of them. They were pretty good on their own, in real person, rather than these pics people post and send.

And you know what? I'm still just as charismatic and charming as ever. If you only knew some of those women, you could ask them. They were completely taken, and while not in that romantic sense since we weren't there for that, a few will follow up with me to help them make progress in their running. They were ready to make some positive changes in their lives seeing my energy and enthusiasm and self-confidence from what running has given me, and wanted me to help work toward the same things for themselves. They've got my number and email and while I'm NOT going to be intimate with them, I'm nevertheless going to have a hand in changing their lives profoundly. It is exciting for me to see people do that in life, especially when I have a helping hand. I love it! And yes, I do believe in karma. I've got quite the collection of karma points thus far in life. It'll all count for something someday. Something pretty major!

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