Out of Options and Gently Persistent  

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6/11/2005 5:28 am

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Out of Options and Gently Persistent

Oh how tragic is the little community in the Halifax area that after a month and a half of membership and contacting roughly a handful person a day, pending how much time I have and who I find in that time that looks appealing, I've ran out of people to contact! Really, anyone I might want to contact and/or think I might be suitable for, have all been contacted! Reply rate hasn't been exactly all that high. I include my profile with the email so that will keep some people from viewing my profile and/or just contacting me to know more, but I'm trying to save everyone time there by giving them something to look at before engaging in anything more.

Now, profiles will be profiles. They never quite give the exact right impression of a person, as good as you might be at writing it. You have to chat and meet the person to really see, although I'm not suggesting the profile are better or worse than the actual person may be. I'm just saying if the profiles said it all, we wouldn't need to chat and such. Maybe I shouldn't have done that, but I think I'm probably better off for time management in having to do so, although sometimes, I feel as if I would have wasted all that extra time if it only got me some action on the lowest of return rates.

Anyhow, so what to do next? They don't exactly sign up in bunches here. I've started sending very polite and gently persistent second emails to some people. I don't know how this would work. A few have viewed my profile (possibly looking for more than what's listed) or what have you, but did not respond. One did respond, although she's like 8 inches taller than me, but definitely as a great personality (in life) as I do so I think the camaraderie is there rather than sexually but there's ways around that, be that involving each other or other people into the mix for our purposes. Creative and positive people can work with difficulties and we're both pretty good at it, I think. We'll see where that goes.

But I'm curious as to what people think of gentle persistence. I know it's a bit of a hit and miss game here. Sometimes you write and they've got a partner and just don't respond, but if you do again, they might be game now and take you on, whereas if you didn't, even though they had you as an option once, they might not... or the email has been deleted from basic membership. But anyway, I guess I'm going to have to do the gentle persistence thing if I'm not going to just sit back and await what will probably lead to nothing. I just hope the others don't mind the gentle persistence, although I guess if they do, who gives a fuck? They're certainly not!

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