Ever get the feeling you're being studied?  

fineproduct77 39M
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5/26/2005 3:53 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Ever get the feeling you're being studied?

Yesterday I posted an entry about some naive Nova Scotian females who used fake pictures of pornstars for their profiles, and for some reason, that entry got rejected, so I guess I'll avoid that topic for much. Maybe the males do it, too, but I wouldn't know. I don't view their profiles, being as straight as my erected penis.

Today, here's a question for the Nova Scotian guys, if any read this. Do you ever get the feeling someone's doing a study on this site locally, or at least with profiles posted as being local? There seems to be about a dozen profiles with very similar personal characteristics. They even react the same way to certain things. Never mind those who play games, this is a bit more serious in that I think they're trying but not succeeding to be different, but not in a playful kind of way. It seems very methodical, that's the difference.

Anyway, wouldn't that be an interesting idea? To do a study on one of many social dysfunctionality (compared to what society considers acceptably "normal") as it appears amongst people who might be more prone to it for being here, everything from sexual hyperactivity to underlying psychological needs being taken out sexually, like people dealing with failures in life or guys wanting a mother, etc. That could be quite the adventure.

OK. Let's see if they ban this posting.

aanakaris 45M

5/26/2005 8:30 am

What those probably are would be adds. Some random company trying to get you to contact them so they can send you a whole bunch of links and tracking cookies. The same comes when you contact a profile and get a message saying you need to visit her 'webpage' to contact her, then you find it requires a membership.

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