A Precautionary Move  

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5/29/2005 3:34 pm

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A Precautionary Move

I've removed my pictures after a high profile weekend. No, I don't mean I'm famous or anything or were in the spotlight or anything, but I have my reasons that I won't go into full here.

Basically, I was a high profile local relay race with like a thousand people there, at least. But because there were legs to the relay, only some 60 people ran per leg. I ran a leg, had a fabulous race, and had so many people tell me how fabulously I looked out there. I don't mean just the folks cheering me on during the run. That's sort of meaningless talk, almost. No, I'm talking about the ones who see me afterward, sometimes long afterward, and remember me on my leg (out of running gear and underneath a tuque and all), and take the time to come up to me to tell me how strong I looked, how fabulous my running form was, how beautifully I ran, and so on. You have to understand that while I'm a good runner, I'm not exactly elite. I'm not the biggest guy or anything at 5'2" and 105 lbs. But I really do appreciate these comments to me, and a few relayed through my teammates from people in casual conversation with them talking about some guy they saw on a certain leg being someone to talk about, and it is very flattering, but I think some people around me were getting sick of it.

You see, along the way, I met several people who I have suspicions might be on this site and I get the feeling they're not exactly congenial to people who exude more presence than they, especially not by that much.

My general worry is not so much that they might spot me here, but that they might say things or show things here to people I know. It is not a high probability thing, and I might be accused of being a bit paranoid, but it's a good discretionary move, I think, and I hope I'm right in being "paranoid" about it in that nothing turns out. I can't say I was fantasing about anyone who might be here and spotting me and coming back to check, but most people I've got some interest in here I've emailed and sent pics so I can't do much about that now, but they wouldn't be spotting my profile of late with the pics to recognize me. It'd be from my past actions and well, I'll deal with that when and if it comes.

But super weekend of fun and racing!

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