finelady4_44 56F
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5/8/2006 7:53 am

He wakes up in the middle of the night. I feel him stir next to me, and eyes heavy with slumber I smile to myself. I know this lover of mine, his unquenchable passion.. He turns towards me, comes and wraps his arms around me and murmurs words of love in my ear. I feel myself stir deep within myself.. just his gentle touch on my skin, his lis brushing the nape of my neck is enough to ignite me. His hands caress my skin and I hear him sigh deeply. I moan without thinking, knowing his hunger for me is as deep as mine for him.

He knows my body so well, he has explored it thoroughly so many times, but each time is magic. I feel his arousal pressed agains my backside, and hear him tell me he needs me. I turn to him and let my long red fingernails caress his limbs, loving his respone to my touch, I look deep in his eyes and see the passion, so raw, and I kiss him deeply, loving the taste of him, the feel of his skin beneath my hands.

Times like this, no words are needed, just an incredible urgency to be one. We make beautiful love, amazed at the newness each time our bodies join.. so finely tuned to each others needs, each so eager to please.

Our passion will never burn out, the flame is strong. We lose ourselves in each other each time, and afterwards lay curled up in each others arms, satiated for now.... but never for long..

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