ATTENTION Ladies..he and brags about it on here.  

finelady4_44 56F
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1/15/2006 2:59 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

ATTENTION Ladies..he and brags about it on here.

Read the blog by "thebigpimp1979". Its disgusting.. this pig brags about him and his friends drugging and hundreds of 17 year old girls.Can we report him to someone????

rm_PurryKitty2 48M/49F
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1/15/2006 4:02 pm

I am not even going to look at his blog or his name as I dont want unwanted attention from a creep like this.

AdultFriendFinder should have some type of limitations on what they allow to go up...This is just sick!

Purry {=}


49AK 55M
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1/15/2006 4:07 pm

There is something you could do... it's not 100 percent likely to produce results, but if the person really is people and bragging about it, you could contact the law enforcement people in the jurisdiction that he reports as his home on his profile. You could even do it anonymously -- print out the offending pages, including the profile page, and fax it to the police.

make sure the URLs of the offending pages are clear, so they can look them up.

gregarious06 52M

1/17/2006 7:44 am

Sickos...what is wrong with would think AdultFriendFinder would have some kind of rule against blogs like this, there is a difference between fantasy that is mutually agreed apon and what this guy is doing.

hot_summer_fun_o 48M

2/11/2006 9:52 pm

And they wonder why it is so hard for a real single man who is sincerely wanting to meet with quality ladys has such a hard time. brutality and the such is quite the oposite of enjoying a lady , guess when you have a security issue then the only way to feel powerful is to be as a sick dementia personality but if I would happen to meet this un human being I just might have to hand it alittle something more than he would be ready for
By all means if you need assistance I will write AdultFriendFinder as well and since I am also capable of fixing his bad habits anyone who can get me some infromation would be very much appreciated... Role play is not violation real unwanted and with kids ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh well hun got to run

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