Please keep all arms and legs inside the vechical till the ride comes to a complete stop.  

filaan 45M
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3/9/2006 1:20 pm
Please keep all arms and legs inside the vechical till the ride comes to a complete stop.

Man i just cant win for losin. Everytime i think things are going well with Liv, i completely and uterly fuck it all up. Today i am at work ( im on the telephone 90% of the day ) and i am surfing the web like always. ( u call 300 people a day and see how much surfing u do inbetween each call )I am on AdultFriendFinder just popping around different chat rooms and groups ..what the hell why not right. Well i finaly noticed ( yea im slow ) the little numbers under peoples pic ( the post numbers ) i hit it on myself..and was like neat all the post i ever made. So i am like wonder if it does that for everyone. So i checked Liv's. Well it does work for all, so i start reading ( she has like a zillion posts ) what better way to spend the day then making money and reading about my most favorite women.
Well i head to lunch and decided to call Liv, got her voice mail.. and i mentioned how i had such an interesting morning reading all her post. I get a text message a little later yelling at me at how creepy it is and im wierding her out. She feels like im stalking her. Since i am in now way shape or form a stalker.. i have deleted all of her IMs, emails, phone # any way for ME to contact her. I will not be even remotely considered a pycho stalker. In fact this is my last Blog about her.

I will always care for her, even love her from afar, and hope one day she realizes i am a harmless individual who only wanted to see her happy. If this will ease her already hard life ( cause lord knows i didnt wish to make it any harder..and well a stalker is stress no women needs ) i will walk away.

liv, my flower, my devine creature, my blueprint forever will u hold the key, you have the knowledge to find the lock, All u lack is the faith to seek it out. My god grant me 1 wish and that is for u to find that faith.

I walk away a richer man by far for knowing you darlin. And i know only my foolishness is what stopped dreams from becoming reality. It has be a privildge to even know you, and the greatest honor to have heard that anglic voice. So memories are burned into the soul. Those are the treasures noone will be ever able to take.

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