A smile goes a long way.  

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3/4/2006 7:34 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

A smile goes a long way.

Just got back in from a nice brisk morning walk. ( i need smokes) I have been smiling since i walked out into this gorgous morning. its cold but the sun is out its a bright brisk morning. If you are from the north at all, you know what kinda of morning it is.

So i head to my favorite coffee shop, Since it is morning and i havent had my normal pot yet. On the way i pass a little elderly women. she never turns around just stops and moves over til i pass. I say good morning in my most polite voice. I heard a surprised yet please morning back. I continue on to the coffee house. My favorite coffeegal is there. I flash her my winning smile and watch her face light up in recignation. We have a pleasnt talk about comic books and video games with the other coffeegirl. I head to the store for the real reason i am out ( damn nicotine, almost as bad as pussy..it will drive a man to do anything for it )I get to the store there is a few people there mostly minding thier own business. myself included. I grab a loaf of bread adn some Entenmann's Cinnamon Danish Twist..( love how u never just get what u intend to buy at a store ) and of course couple packs of smokes. Waiting in line the cashier asks if i would like to donate some cash for hunger. I am not by any means of the imagination rich. in fact quite the opposite. But i still gave the gal my last 6 bucks on me.
I am in such good humor today that way shouldnt everyone.
I pass 2 more people on my way home and i wish them both pleasent mornings. I love watching the change on peoples faces when u give a pleasent greeting. So now im home. I am reenergized from my walk ( sure the mocha java is helping too) I have my smokes and a bonus i have a sweet treat for breakfest.
I hope everyone here has as good or better day. and rember 1 smile will turn not only your day around but someone elses.

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