Problem SOLVED  

figjamsquared 53M
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6/7/2006 8:36 pm
Problem SOLVED

Well, it seems as though I was probably on the right track about where the problem lay with regard to getting contacts..etc.

It seems something endemic to AdultFriendFinder. So I guess, I can categorically say, at least as far as I'm concerned..."AdultFriendFinder SUCKS BIGTIOME".

Now, more importantly, how did I arrive at this remarkable conclusion?

Simple really, I checked into a few other sites, and pretty much transferred my profile etc from here and shoe-horned it to match the other sites' requirements.

AND, I didn't even bother becoming a financial member. In no time at all, began getting some verified contacts.....and more importantly, people actually reply, or at least have the courtesy to acknowledge your approaches.

Now, which are these sites........heh-heh???

That'd be telling, wouldn't it?

I'll be definately signing up with one of them though.

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