Ladies Night of Sex  

fify07 36F
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7/8/2006 4:08 am

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7/30/2006 4:16 pm

Ladies Night of Sex

Last night was super banging! we had a gathering of Bi-sexual Ladies at my friends place (about 10 of us)..we had lots to eat n drink and plenty to gist about...we talked about guys, sexual positions, vaginas, dicks, tits, you name it...we hit the floor and demonstrated different sexual positions...hmmmm! suddenly,mimi got up and started taking her clothes off, first we were all surprised cos it has never happened before but we soon caught the our clothes went as we gyrated to the beat of the music with the lights dimmed...soon we were all naked and hot, verrry hot, so we started the touching, kissing, nipple sucking, pussy licking n eating, fucking with the vibrator...woah! 10 ladies on the floor, naked, horny, wet and doing it...hmmmmm! wished we caught it on film.

cumming570 42M

7/8/2006 5:15 am


cumming570 42M

7/8/2006 6:03 pm

nice jeans,pls keep your blogs pouring in ,who knows they may be published one day, i like the way you seem to grab life by the balls,sometimes honey that's the only way,keep doing you.

rm_catty708 38F
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7/10/2006 9:48 am

when is this ladies night of sex coming up again i would love to
join if u ladies dont mind mmmm.... i think it should be happening often .

fify07 36F

7/10/2006 12:02 pm

Hi Caty, will get back to you on that

cumming570 42M

7/10/2006 4:58 pm


sakahotlips 59M
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7/17/2006 8:26 am

Can i join the next one too...seems an awful waste!

dcaspy 40M
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7/19/2006 11:11 am

i would like to have you one on one

rm_marconcristi 50M

7/30/2006 8:32 am

yes but you cannot....... i m a geloso.

rm_kwalala 40M
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3/21/2007 5:01 am

I do agree, it's an awful waste. I believe vibrators don't ejaculate nor do they ruffule. Mmmhn awful waste! Why not give guys some trial?

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