I'm back!!  

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4/29/2005 2:53 am

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I'm back!!

Ok, sorry I had disappeared for awhile,been a very busy girl working hard yet playing even harder
right latest updates
the firemen continued......

The next afternoon five firemen turned up to fit in my new alarm(as if,it takes five) lol yes I had just got out of the shower,as planned , so there I was stood there in my dressing gown socking wet with sexy lacy knixs on underneath and a matching Basque .
I let them in while the asked for a cuppa,the least I could do
One of them,the one that seemed to be in charge went upstairs to fit my alarm whilst the others stayed downstairs with me and we had a little chat/friendly flirt and I was giving it my feeble woman speech of how stupid I felt etc and how I need a big strong man to help me out now and then with such matters!! they seemed to be lapping it up,new exactly what I meant and more importantly what I was getting at!!
It was then that I was told that really the lads should be on their dinner break,just popped round to help me out as I live 3 min's from the station,which seemed to turn me on even more , it was at that point when I turned around and said I couldn't possibly let them leave without something to feed their appetites,it just wouldn't be right ,so they called to the boss who had by now fixed my alarm(come on,only a two min job,couple of screws,could of done my bloody self) LOL

So that's how it began,it started of with kissing one of them as the others peeled of my dressing gown and undid their thick jackets (even kept their helmets on which was very nice)!!
I got my fireman's lift,not all the way upstairs tho,just over onto my settee,where I was licked ,fucked, in the hardest manner it was great, left me shaking like a leave and absolutely soaking wet and dripping with sweat
thinking about it again now is getting my juices flowing again and I am so horny,hence why I've had to keep it short,if I start to have a wank now I feel I will never stop I will be at it all day having multi orgasms,but like I said I'm a busy girl and I best get a move on work to be done,but I will be making up for it when I get back home tonight!
lucky me

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