My head goes POP  

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1/13/2006 8:56 pm

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My head goes POP

See the picture to your left, yeah that one that is how my head feels right about now. I swear it’s going to explode if my divorce doesn’t happen sometime soon. If you don’t feel like listening to be bitch then stop reading. It’s been one of those nights and I am needing to vent. I promise that very soon I will have a more light hearted post up soon.

So I had another fight with my ex tonight we have had this same fight 3 times this week. I had hopes of being divorced by now but he just had to ask for primary residence. His reasons for wanting primary residence ~not wanting to pay me child support is number one~ he wants to put the boys into the same school as his girlfriends kids. That wouldn’t be half bad IF it wasn’t a religious school. I don’t think that it should be force fed down anyone’s throat especially kids. My side of my family is catholic and the ex is southern Baptist, his girl friend seventh day Adventist. I find religion to be too judgmental but I’m not going to get into that now.

He’s told me that he has been going to church on Sundays with her and its not all that bad. This coming from the man who for the longest time would get into heated arguments with anyone because he believed in evolution has all of a sudden found god.
If my kids came to me a told me that they wanted to start going to church then I would be 100% behind them. MY problem lies with the fact that neither one of us are seventh day Adventist. He may have become some bible thumper but my kids are the ones who will pay when his new found relationship doesn’t ~and it won’t~ last.

I’m not trying to rain on his parade but I have seen his pattern because I was with him for so long and he doesn’t stay with any one thing for too long. We moved seven times in 4 years all because of him, his childhood he bounced between his mother father and an uncle. The navy is the only thing that he has ever stuck with for any length of time. I’m getting off point here, him playing “house” with my kids just doesn’t go over all that well with me. I’m all for blended families, my parents divorced when I was 2 and my mom has been with my step father since I was 3, I guess the way I see things is get divorced BEFORE you start living with and thinking about marring someone else.

I just want to punch him in the throat for putting my kids through all of this. In all honesty we haven’t been separated for all that long I left back in April and they got together back in July moved in together in August. Now some of you are going but you are on a sex site so what’s the big deal?? I haven’t and won’t bring anyone around my kids for a long time simple as that. Him being in another relationship doesn’t bother me it’s the fact they are living together that chaps my ass. I can see it effecting my oldest when he comes home from being with his father. The way he will cling to me not sleep through the night the first night home. I’ve tried to talk to the ex about it but he won’t listen.

My other bitch for the night then I promise to shut up, he wants HER to have time with the boys while he is gone on deployment. WHAT?? I’m supposed to just say here’s my kids hope you have fun with them?? NO I have major issues with that one. You’re gone for six months so get over it dude she’s not spending time with my kids.

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