Pile Driver... Body Slam... Full Nelson... VICTORY!!!!  

fieldsofdaisy 41F
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8/30/2006 1:40 pm

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4/21/2007 7:43 pm

Pile Driver... Body Slam... Full Nelson... VICTORY!!!!

I'm just not 'feelin' the blog' today. Funny how sometimes they just seem to write themselves. And, other times, it's a full-on battle to the finish, in a vat of jell-o (or custard/mud/oil/chocolate sauce (your choice!)), in an attempt to forcefully pin today's blog idea to the ground, panting and sweating, covered from head to toe in sweet, sticky goodness.

Well, today's wrestling match has commenced, and unfortunately, gang, it looks as if Bloggy is winning. He's a pretty nasty fighter. And, doesn't even flinch when I play the 'ow' card. What does this mean to you? It means that I ain't got shit to write about today... Absolutely nuffin'. Had a few random ideas. Almost had Bloggy pinned once or twice, but each time, he'd knee me in the head, or give me a wet willy, and I'd lose the upper hand.

So, once again, I throw myself upon the mercies of blogdom. Prostrate in my apologies. Begging for forgiveness. But, with renewed determination to fuckin' kick Bloggy's ASS tomorrow. I'm going to make that bastard cry like a little girl. Ok, ok. I'm going to, at least, give it the good old college try. But, you know... sometimes, I kinda like being pinned...


P.S. Funny how you can hold onto a particular line of reasoning, a pattern of behavior, for an awfully long time, without even realizing how wrong it might be, until you get slapped in the face with some hurt feelings. Enough to make one feel utterly silly and selfish, isn't it? Then, you are just left to hope that the apologies are enough, and the folks come back down from the hills, willing to rejoin you in the warm and bug-free valley.

P.P.S Weekend in SF with B.F.F. was very low-key, but very nice. Lots of shopping was done, and a slew of wonderfully cute new clothes are being worn daily here at the Fields...

P.P.P.S. Just in case anyone has wondered, yes, I am completely aware of my overuse of commas. Can't seem to get enough of the silly things. Don't judge me!!!

P.P.P.P.S. Oooh. Not sure if I should even try for more today! Still feeling a bit gun-shy from the other day. And, of course, without fail, now that I've started to TRY to think of more post-scripts, I'm coming up blank. Damn. Oh well. Another day, perhaps...

NakedLnch 48M

8/30/2006 3:15 pm

Now wait just a damn minute; hold the phone. We have You. You wrestling in a vat of Jell-O or our choice of sauce!!! You panting and sweating!? You getting pinned...and kinda liking it!!??


I'd say you succeeded in writing about something perfectly yummy.


P.S. *tingles*

elysianpleasure 47M

8/30/2006 6:55 pm

Quite a bit for not having anything to say... the blog didn't win today!!! But there is always tomorrow. I have battled and often lost to this evil foe.

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