Like sand through the hourglass...  

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6/17/2006 12:32 pm

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Like sand through the hourglass...

Boy turned three this past week. Did you hear that? THREE. My little baby boy. THREE. The fact that he has actually MADE it to three is a testament to several things. 1) His cuteness. Because, seriously. If the child wasn't as cute as he is? There is NO way he'd still be around. 2) My unwavering patience. (LOL!) Again, if I wasn't as saintly and even-tempered as I am, he wouldn't be here. (sippy throwing incidents aside. No. Not him throwing it. Me. Yeah. You can say it. Mom of the year. Right here, folks!) 3) The luck of the Irish and the grace of God. Whatever. I couldn't come up with a good #3. But, sadly enough, I think those totally fit.

So, anyway. Tomorrow we are taking BOTH kids to the movies. (what in the hell am I thinking? A 15 month old? At the movies? Why do I put myself in these situations?) And, if the movie goes well (*insert maniacal laughter here*), we might brave our first trip to Chuck E Cheese. How, you ask yourselves, have we gone this long without a pilgrimage to that sacred locale? That altar of all that is hyper and cheesy? I do not know, my child. But, tomorrow. Tomorrow, all answers shall be revealed. And the kids shall know Chuck E. And, it shall be good.

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6/18/2006 3:26 am


That is wonderful news!!!

I think you might have a fourth reason. You are a loving mother. Do you agree?

You want to treat your child to something nice. Go right ahead! It is his day.

Also, I hope you still feel this way when he is six. Here is a big wish that all will be good, happy, and beautiful for many, many more years.

Your blog friend,

Jon C.

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