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6/14/2006 2:24 pm

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Bits of Flying Randomness...

I adore my ipod. Do I even need to expound upon the magnificence of this gadget? A little slice of heaven... A few days ago, I uploaded about 15 cd's to my ipod. One was an album I used to listen to alot about 5-6 years ago. Been a while. In listening to it, however, I have discovered the BEST song for a striptease! It has a total porn movie beat, and I love it! Junkie, by Poe. Album: Hello
The rest of the album is great as well, but I SO need to get drunk and do a striptease to that song!

The best part about putting on makeup is applying foundation under your eyes. Instant wake-up!

Retail therapy is the best kind of therapy. I have a new pair of pants and two shirts arriving via mail today!

Bachelorette party this weekend!!! WA-FREAKIN-HOO!!! I haven't gone out in SO long! (Thus the necessary retail therapy... even though we couldn't actually afford it! Ever play the 'closet game' so your spouse doesn't know you've been shopping?? Yeah. I know you have. Don't deny it... Only one rule. If you sneak it into your closet, then you can just say, "What? This old thing? I've had it forever, honey!" Of course, this is much easier for us gals, since men never pay attention to that stuff anyway... If you're a male and she does your laundry, you are stuck.)

I'm hosting a naughty lady party next weekend. Sex toys all around! I'm eyeing the wireless remote control vibrating panties. Did you hear me??? WIRELESS. REMOTE CONTROL. VIBRATING PANTIES. The remote works for up to 20 feet. Come on. Think about it. Sitting at dinner... You have the remote and she is trying to order her meal and BUZZ! LMAO! I think I'm actually going to get that for the bachelorette too!

And, finally, a story from the motherhood archives. Monday afternoon? Boy crapped in the swimming pool. Yep. SHIT IN THE POOL. WTF? So, we proceeded to have the whole, "the swimming pool is not a toilet" conversation. And, that was immediately followed by the, "we don't play with ourselves when we're sitting on mommies lap" talk. Duuuuudddde. Seriously. Mexico? Anyone? 'Cause I'm itching to get away! LOL!



Looking0100 54M

6/14/2006 6:26 pm

Hello Daisy,

You wrote quite a bit here. Interesting.

If you do the striptease, can I watch?

You said that you haven't been out in a long time. You must be pretty bored.

The vibrating panties. That sounds very good for both you and who ever uses the remote control on you.

Jon C.

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