A milestone?  

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8/3/2006 6:44 pm

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A milestone?

So, my 50th post has come and gone. I know that doesn't seem like much of a milestone to some of the more prolific writers around here, but for me it's an accomplishment!

I know that some do a halved version of the traditional '100 things about me post'. However, I'm not one to list off all sorts of informative little tidbits about myself, allowing those of you with stalker tendencies and expert search engine skills a bit too much ammunition. (no, not YOU! The other guy. Yeah, him.)

So, I got to thinking about what I could offer up as a fitting tribute to my 50th post. (well, this is 54 actually, but, who's counting, right?) I've already covered my most embarrassing sexual moments, chronicled in this post A laugh at my expense.... So, that's been done. No need to re-live those, right? So, I thought some more... My first time? Naw. Not really all that exciting. And, wouldn't make an interesting story anyway. My first bj? Nope. That one was interrupted by the previous evening's alcoholic over-indulgence. Started out well, ended poorly. For me. Well, for him too, I guess! (this story is chronicled in the 'embarrassing moments' post.) First full on makeout session? Hm. That one does have possibilities. Definitely could make a good story with the right writing. By a fire, on a beach in Lake Tahoe, hours of build-up... I'll have to think about that. Other than those, none of my other firsts are all that memorable. Well, except for my first (and only! sorry, guys...) girl on girl and first threesome. (two separate events)

I could tell you about the whole slew of deliciously gorgeous panties I bought today. (on clearance even! Go me!) But, what would that truly accomplish? Well, except for perhaps getting you all riled up. If I wanted to get you riled up, I could do more than talk about my panties...

Sigh. You all already know what a huge dork I am. So telling you about how I dance in the car, or quote random movie or tv lines at the strangest moments probably woulnd't surprise you either, would it?

I guess it's time, isn't it? The only fitting tribute to the big 5-0 will be a taste, a tiny nibble of what I started this blog for in the first place.

Admittedly, I am hesitant. I know many people have expressed some dislike for blogs that are simply publishing points for erotica. If you feel that way, you are free to stop reading, hit the back button, and mosey on down the road. My feelings will not be hurt in the slightest. Promise! Otherwise, enjoy!

We are laying naked in my large, four-poster bed. We've had a busy afternoon, and are resting as the sun begins to set, long shadows being thrown across the room. Our limbs are tangled, my face pressed against your strong chest. My hair is tousled, and laying every which way, across your chest, face, arms. All you can smell is the sweet scent of my shampoo, and the clean, warm smell of the sheets. You press your lips to my forehead, and I look up at you. Studying your face. I reach out and stroke your cheek with my hand. You see a different expression come over my face. Mischievous, devilish. I jump up and walk over to my dresser. I turn to look at you as I slowly pull out a handful of silk scarves and a mask-style blindfold. You look at me questioningly, but I just smile as I climb back onto the bed and begin to crawl around your body. I tie each wrist to the posts on the headboard. Watching my naked breasts, as I lean over you, and reach across your body to do this, begins the stirring in your loins anew. I crawl down to the foot of the bed, and tie your ankles to each post. This particular view, me on my knees, my creamy rump in the air as I lean over to tie your ankle down, causes the blood to rush rapidly to your cock, leaving you a bit woozy in the aftermath. As I turn around, my work at your feet done, I appreciatively note your state of arousal, and as I crawl towards you, a sly smile spreads across my face. I look into your eyes one last time, then I lower the blindfold over them. You are plunged into a state of sensory shock. You can hardly move your limbs, all you see is black. You can tell that I am still on the bed, as you can smell my perfume, and feel my weight on the mattress. You startle, jumping a bit, as I press my warm, soft lips to yours. I pull the cool sheet up over your lower half, and you feel my weight disappear from the bed. "where are you going?", you ask. All you hear as I exit the room is a muffled giggle.

You lay there, waiting for me. You can hear some noises from the other end of the house, but have no idea what is going on. All that is running through your mind is your recent view of me, bent over in front of you. The view of my smooth, soft pussy, from behind. The slit glistening with a hint of my anticipation of what lies ahead. My bottom, spreading open slightly as I lean forward. You are lost in these thoughts when I return to the room, a flurry of activity. You feel the mattress sink as I climb back onto the bed. You are excited and a little nervous about what is to come.

You feel my fingers gently stroke your cheek. I run my fingers down your chest, drawing delicate, ticklish figure eights around your nipples and across your belly. Suddenly, there is an icy wet sucking sensation on one of your nipples. It takes you a minute to figure out that it is my mouth, but it's so cold that it's sending shivers down your spine. You feel me pull away, the icy sensation lingering, giving you goosebumps. I come back, only this time my mouth is deliciously hot. The intense heat on your previously freezing skin feels wonderful, relaxing and strangely erotic. You sigh, and relax a little into the soft mattress. I continue this way, alternating cold and heat, down your stomach. You never know where the next kiss will be placed, or what temperature it will be. The anticipation and the unknown gives you an almost heady, giddy feeling, as you feel the sheet being gently slid off of your body. The cool air hits your skin, once again, sending goosebumps down your body. You start to squirm a little with anticipation, hoping for what might be next, but your movements are severely restrained, and you stop, giving in to the restraints and accepting your helplessness. You feel me settle in between your thighs. The waiting is making you crazy. You don't know what I'm going to do next. You don't know when I'm going to do it. You know that I am very close to your member, as you can feel my breath and my warmth. You are so amazingly hard, dribbling pre-cum, quivering with excitement, and, yet, I still wait. Letting it build. Letting you work yourself up so thoroughly. It's taking everything I have not to get up and slide that throbbing cock deep into my hot, wet pussy. I love that you are so ready. I am making myself wait, simply to build your excitement. I blow on it, gently, and you jump. Suddenly, without warning, my mouth burning hot, I take the entire thing into my mouth, deeply, pressing it into the back of my throat. You groan loudly, almost yelling, with how amazing it feels. Finally getting what it was that you were waiting for. I spend some time, slowly working that beautiful cock. I don't go too fast, because you are so turned on, that I know you could cum at any minute, with minimal effort. So, I take it slow. Small licks, tiny kisses. Just making you feel good.

I play this way for quite some time. Then, suddenly, I stop, and you feel my weight shift on the mattress again, and you think you feel me standing over you. You start a bit when you feel my hand grasp the base of your cock. The head of your penis is suddenly enveloped in slick, moist heat. I guide it, slipping it up and down my slit, teasingly pausing at the entrance to my vagina. With a low moan, you lift your hips, trying to press yourself in, but I giggle again, and deftly move it back up to my clit. I begin to guide you in small, rythmical circles. Using the head of your penis to stroke my clit. The combined knowledge of what I'm doing, the sounds I'm making and the sensation of it elicits another guttural moan from your lips. I lean forward, without pausing, to catch your moan with my lips, devouring it hungrily. I stay that way, using your cock to pleasure myself, while exploring your lips with my own, our tongues dancing, my mounting pleasure drawing my breath from me and into you. You can tell by my moans that I am getting closer. The feel of my breasts brushing your bare chest is driving you crazy. You want to reach up and cup them, guide them to your lips, but when you try, you are sharply reminded of your predicament. Tied down. Being used for my pleasure. As my orgasm overtakes me, you can feel my thighs tighten around your hips, hear my breathless moans, and you can only picture the ecstasy on my face.

I stop for a moment. Collapsed across your body. Our skin sticks together slightly with the glistening sheen of sweat that formed during my activity. I regain my breath, and you feel me begin to stir. Your cock is still rock hard, quivering, dying for release. You feel my weight shift again, the the sensation of the silk scarf being pulled away from your ankles sends chills through your body. You pull your legs up a bit, stretching them, flexing them. It's then that I lift my hips up over you, lift your pulsing cock from between us, and place it just at the entrance to my pussy. I ever so slowly lower myself down on to you. You feel my tight, slippery heat engulf you all the way down, until you are completely buried inside of me. Oh god... I love the way you feel inside of me. Stretching me, filling me. I just sit there for a moment, relishing the fullness of it, the sensation of it. Slowly, i begin to rock my hips. working you in even deeper. grinding against you. My breathing is already growing heavier, and you know that you can't hold out too much longer. Suddenly, the blindfold is pulled off of your face. You blink several times, trying to adjust to the sudden change in light. When you can finally see again, you look up at me. I am riding you, my head thrown back, my hair cascading across my shoulders, down my back. I have one hand on my tits, pinching and stroking my nipples, and you see my other hand working my clit, mere milimeters from your cock. Simply the sight of this, the sensory overload, the visual buffet of me fucking you while playing with myself, brings you even closer to the edge and you are dying to touch me, to stroke my luminous skin, to feel the flush that you can see rising across my chest. When I lean forward shortly thereafter and slip the silk away from your wrists, you immediately wrap one hand around my ass, placing the other behind my neck and you flip me over roughly, planting my back into the mattress. You crush your lips to mine, your hands roaming frantically over every inch of my body, while you continue to pound me as hard as you can. The passion has completely overtaken us, and we fuck with animalistic abandon. I am crying out, 'fuck me', 'oh god, harder'. You are simply grunting with each stroke, heedless of anything else but your building orgasm, as the slapping sound of our bodies fills the air, the wet slurping sound of your cock pounding my drenched pussy drowning out my cries. You keep pounding me violently, until you completely let loose, your cry mingling with my own as we both cum at the same time, me bucking my hips under you, you slamming yourself into me with each spurt of your hot, sticky cum. Before finally, your passion expended, at least for the moment, you collapse on top of me. Both of us breathing raggedly. Trying to catch our breaths. Our bodies still shocking with the aftermath of our joint orgasm. As our breathing grows slower, more even, we pass out that way. You on top of me, inside me. Limbs intertwined, sweaty, rumpled, sated. For now.


rm_agathon12 46M
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8/3/2006 10:03 pm

Thank you, Daisy, may I have another?

living2lives 45M

8/4/2006 8:55 pm

did you just say rock the casbah? I have the armadillo in my head now if the Clash is your reference.

BuffaloBob32 84M
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8/4/2006 10:32 pm

Wow, Daisy: Beautiful!!!!!! As one good guy stated: "May we have another?" Might I suggest/ in 500 to 1,000 words w. no 'tie down' stuff? Not in the 'quickie' sense, however... You can do...Thanks.. Okay? B.

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