When we touch!!  

fidgit02 49F
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8/25/2005 9:22 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

When we touch!!

When we touch, my head spins
I need to feel you deep within
My tide rises, I feel so wet
I'll cum for you but, oh not yet
Let it build and you will see
Just how wet I can be
When I reach the sweet release
A smile will be upon my face
Knowing that I will again
Feel the quiver deep within
As you move inside me
It's just the way I want it to be
Thrusting slowly, then so fast
Oh, how I want this to last
I'll cum for you of that be sure
I only hope I can endure
The ecstasy, wanting more
Never knowing what's in store
An addiction oh so sweet
Until again when we meet
And get to play between the sheets

rm_Picc43 58M

8/31/2005 1:15 am

Your words are truly poetic,which seems to make your captivity all the more painful when looking in.
You are in control of your dreams and thoughts and potentially your wanton desires,all you need now is the strength and willpower to put these dreams into action,ready yourself to start pushing that door open and spreading your beautiful wings to fly free...

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