He is dressed in black  

fidgit02 49F
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8/25/2005 9:29 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

He is dressed in black

I dream of man in black
He stands above me and I am the snack
His eyes look through me and he sees my soul
He reaches for my hand and we take the stroll
Into the dark where he now resides
Into the shadows where he hides
And now he’s bringing me-
What will he do?
Hopefully what I want him to
His skin like porcelain, smooth and cold
And I desire to be in his hold
He makes love to me with only his stare
And my brain knows that I must beware
My body however needs him deep
Only one of his kind could creep
Into a person this way
I’m not just lust, I am prey
With his eyes locked on mine, he embraces my fruit
His cold fingers slide in me, and his mouth in pursuit
Of the pulsing flows of life in me
He needs to drink, and I will agree
His hands quickly moving inside
He tastes me now and I enjoy the ride
I feel the pain and it’s more than good
I want him so much more than I should
Giving of me means marking my death
Losing my sun, and losing my breath
He feels so good I renounce it all
I stand on the cliff and I know I will fall
His lips come to mine, and I am now filled with me
He’s giving me back and my eyes begin to see
He doesn’t want to take me
I am not the one
He’s allowing me to walk back into the sun
I’ll miss him and I’ll wish I was the next ‘her’
But his vision of me is now a blur
He has other focuses in his mind
So the man for me, I have yet to find.

rm_Picc43 58M

8/31/2005 1:20 am

Push and fly,there are plenty of friends outside ready to guide you whilst you steady yourself in flight...

rm_Excessive71 45M
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10/13/2005 6:05 pm

Damn. You have some talent as a poet, I felt the longing but you crafted it so you show acceptance of the result even with those strong feelings you exhibit - an appealing personal trait. It reminded me of Goethe's 'Faust'. Have you been courting the devil? Hmmmmm. (And here I am talking about poetry and opera on AdultFriendFinder - DOH)

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