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8/13/2006 2:54 pm

a fluid thing; time. means so much when you have none, and so very little when there is to much on your hands. but the question here is: when is it the right time to "make the next move"? to exchange IM or e-mail addys, to eet in person, to take things to the next level.... see where this is going? i know--"when the time is right". well, when is the time right? this question seems to fit into so many situations relating to this site and why we are all here. to be able to put the rest of the world on hold and make the time for what you want/need to do would be the ultimate answer. but it isn't an answer; because as we all know, that isn't an option. wouldn't it be a better thing than just by going on instincts? sometimes, that 'gut feeling' is a very good thing to acknowledge, and to use that to the fullest advantage. however, at times, this initial instinct can be wrong. very wrong. to see things over time is a much better advantage. to actually see the truth. wether it be in a person, a couple, or a group. time is the factor that tells the truth. as does honesty. honesty with yourself, your partner(s), and anyone else you come into contact with. however, this is just my thought and ramblings for the day. looking forward to your comments.

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